2 Years smoke free...........

2 Years smoke free...........

and ready to burst with excitement as my cooking dream is finally falling into place - I have landed a job as a Commis(Trainee) Chef in a new local restaurant working in the Starter and Pastry section.

Tomorrow, I will be 2 years smoke free and what a roller coaster of a journey it has been. I have overcome so much in my journey over the last 2 years that I associated with smoking - first stressor, first lawn cut, first bbq, first holiday, first birthday, first Christmas, first concert, first loss, first celebration, first wedding, first change in seasons, the list can go on and on, but once I got over these curve balls for the first time, I was stronger to deal with them the next time. I have gone through alot, like everyone else's daily life and its struggles, from dealing with family illnesses, being made redundant after 20 years and embarking on a new venture and my passion in cooking, pressures and stress of college, loss of special friends made only for a short time, a few knock backs and break down of confidence, the key to my success was positivity and belief in yourself that you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it and be determined.

This community was vital too in my quit and really couldn't have done it with all your help, support and encouragement which I thank you all....

Those setting out on their quit journeys - YOU CAN DO IT and don't stop believing it!

Bit cheesy but think very apt.....

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  • Roisin, huge congratulations on 2 years smoke free and getting your dream job, what a truly wonderful and inspiring post to read - I wish you all the best, I am sure you will cook up a storm :)

  • Wow RoisinO1 - this is just fantastic, congratulations on 2 years and getting the job, I have followed your journey and been inspired - you really deserve this and have worked remarkably hard for it, best of luck in your new role - you will become a Masterchef!!!!

  • Huge congrats Roisin, just goes to show it is never too late to follow your dreams, so motivational and inspiring, thank you!

  • What a post to read, congratulations on both fronts Roisin, hope you are out celebrating tonight!

  • Ah Roisin, delighted for you, congrats on getting the job and off course 2 years smoke free, you are really such an inspiration - look forward to reading about your masterchef journey :D :D :D

  • congratulations! :)

  • Massive congratulations on your new job. 😃

    Knock 'em dead!

  • Thanks mushen - waiting to discuss my terms etc... hopefully I do as well as you did in negotiating!!

  • Ah, you're going to knock 'em dead!

  • Congrats Roisin and best wishes for your continued success.

    Spent the last week in Vietnam and Cambodia. Probably not enough time but some beautiful country. In HK for a few days then back home.

  • Wow CocoaXChange - would say the food is unreal in those place, enjoy your last few days!

  • Congratulations x

  • Congratulations on both counts Roisin. Especially proud of you for turning everything around and completely changing your career. My wife's starting out on a similar road so I hope that goes just as well....otherwise she'll be spending all my money!!!!

  • Thanks Nozmo, delighted how it has turned out, ah the very best of luck to Mrs Nozmo, is she going down the the culinary road? It is some industry at the moment to get into, this new restaurant (open since June) is thriving, easily the best in the town :P

  • No she's training to be a teaching assistant. She's currently a clothes designer so it's a drastic change! Everyone is saying she's mad but that's what she wants to do.

    Best of luck with the new job, I'm sure you'll do well! I couldn't work in a restaurant...I would just eat all of the food.

  • Ah fair play to her, I had the exact same reaction from my family which are eating their words now (no pun intended!!), I am starting from the bottom but Gordon Ramsey started there too :O - I am finally going to be doing something that I love which I am sure your wife too will be doing too...great profession to get into , quite a few of my past colleagues have done it and now in good jobs in colleges, primary schools etc...

  • That's the main thing in my opinion; doing something that you enjoy. I know a few people who earn a very good salary but hate their jobs...bugger that.

  • Roisin..you deserve this milestone 110%... huge congratulations...It is with great admiration I and all of us want to thank you for the excellent administration of this forum which ment so much for me and I believe for a lot of us...

    Yes, carry on and cook up a storm and never stop believing..,.!!

  • 2 years.... I can't wait to hit this goal!! :D Well done :)

  • Massive congratulations Roisin, what is meant for you will not go by you....delighted that you are getting to do what you love xxxx

  • Congratulations on your 2year quit & on the new job 🙂

  • Thanks everyone, got my start date - 26 October (replacing a trainee chef that is moving back to Poland)....

  • Ahhh huge congrats on the new job and 2 years smoke free!!!! Well done you xx

  • Thanks Kacoates34 - hope you are keeping well?

  • Apart from still feeling awful I'm still smoke free 😂😂 7 weeks on Sunday!! So pleased x

  • 7 weeks is fantastic! Well done!

    I would maybe take a trip to your local health food shop and let them know you have stopped smoking and the withdrawals you are experiencing. If still chesty and have a sore throat (which I had for around 12 weeks as my lungs cleared out and my cilia repaired) - raw honey or jar honey every morning and night is a great help. Vaporizing with vicks can help too...

  • Girl... you did it!!! I'm so proud of you. Well done



  • Huge congratulations to you Roisin!!😁 what a rollercoaster you have been on in the last two years. Wishing you the very best when you start your new job😁 Maybe masterchef the professionals for your next achievement!!! X x

  • Many congrats Roisin on 2 years quit and you're new job!! You did it! All the best for Oct in your new profession.

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