about my weekend

Hi guys, i had a relapse. i gave in... went to a girls night out. turned out horrible. i had a big argument with a friend. of i went to buy a packet of ciggies. and smoked probably half a packet. sunday woke up hating myself so much about the time i wasted staying smoke free, ended up finishing the rest of the packet. before i slept last night i reset my app, and chose quit day is that very moment. So now i'm about 13hrs smoke free. if it means i must avoid going out, then i will do that. because now im back to square 1. the headaches, the sick feeling when taking champix, the moodiness.

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  • Sorry to read of your relapse Neli but well done on getting back on the horse quickly.

    Stay close to us and learn from the trigger that caused you to relapse. Have a look at the below pinned post with helpful posts if not already done so.

    I hope Day 1 is continuing to go well for you?


  • Hi Roisin01, day 1 i did not even have cravings, day 2 is a bit difficult. the mints are just not helping today. the water as well.but i'm determined. i've actually been so unproductive today. i leave thing half way done coz i'm not feeling nice. i just want to cover myself in bed. and wake up when its day 3.

  • Hello Neli . Sorry to hear about the relapse. I have had more than a few myself so I know how it feels. I think the fact that you got straight back into a new quit is great (I didn't and one cigarette turned into at least 3 months of solid smoking).

    Hope today went well. ☺

  • yes it went well Mushen, its day two that im struggling with. as a result i'm on my way to brush my teeth now. i know it helps me when i crave.

  • feeling a bit better now.

  • Stay strong Neli - you can do this - it is perfectly normal not to be focused as your brain is re-wiring, keep with the water and maybe a walk to clear the head :)

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