Getting so much better

Tonight at 12am I'll officially be one week smoke-free! That's so amazing, omg.

Yesterday I went to therapy (for the first time in a few moths) and my therapist was so glad to see me having so many good habits, to have discovered balance in life and to be so motivated and determined to succeed in anything.

Thank you guys so much for your support, you're all little sugar plumps!

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  • Mini...One week is gr8.....All the bad stuff is out of your system and your body is working overtime healing itself... You might feel drained and lost but it is all part of this wonderful journey full of daily awards.. Stay strong!!

  • Such a wonderful post, a whole week blooming fantastic, hope you have a little treat planned?

    Isn't it so amazing,when we realise we are in control.

    Great post to start my morning

    Look forward to your up dates

  • My treat will be on Sunday when I allow myself to drink a beet with my friends. :)

  • Lovely to hear you sounding so positive Kate. Keep up the good work!

  • Because I don't ever want to smoke anymore.

  • Well done .... good for you xx

  • Well done Kate, thrilled for you, on the weeks count now, time will start passing by much quicker now! Keep it up!

  • Haha, I hope so!

  • Welldone. I'm on day eight. Good feeling to be proud of youself and have others proud of you too xx keep strong

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