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Planning better

Hi all. Back from a relapse. My husband passed unexpectedly 6 months ago. I had oneof those days where my grief just poured out of me and I gave in. Next quit date is 7th March. Have taken 9th and 10th off work which gives me 4 days to withdraw. I'm going to go cold turkey and rid myself of this addiction once and for all. My son and I are going to Japan in Oct and I will NOT be smoking. This time a planned short sharp attack. I'm building my resolve. Smoking will not bring my hubby back but not smoking will extend my time with my children.

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Hello there!

Really sorry to hear your sad news. This must be really very hard to come to terms with and I hope you are feeling OK.

Well done on the decision to quit again. I've had a few relapses myself so I know how it feels to start over. My last quit was also planned before a holiday last year. I decided that there was no way I was going to let smoking ruin our trip and this kind of forced the issue. It worked too.

Post as often as you need to when the quit date arrives! You're not doing this alone as we are all here with you. I think you have made an excellent decision and I wish you lots of luck.

You can do it! Stay close. 😊

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Ah Ausjulz, what a powerful update post. Welcome back! I am very sorry to read of the passing of your dear husband. I imagine he is with you and will be with you as your new quit journey begins.

Keep up that great mindset you have and we look forward to reading your Day 1 post :)


The world can be so cruel, and with the huge loss your and your family are going through. To know you are setting a quit day. Shows such inner strength.

sounds like a good plan to quit and going to Japan in one year is, in my book at least truly fantastic.

Please keep us all updated, looking forward to your updates

And sending you a little luck along the way


Hey Ausjulz


Hey Ausjulz, have you started your quit, how are you getting on?


Hi everyone. Day 1 in turkeyville. I am so grateful for your kind thoughts. This is the first day of my new life. Today I will not take one puff.


hi Ausjulz

I feel for you

it does get better,

well you learn to live with it.

hope today is a better day 😁

as for smoking.I wouldn't worry Your back 😁, never stop trying to stop 😁

take care 😊

do keep kicking 😁


Thanks. I will get back on track..your support makes me feel less alone. I have to learn to grieve and be proud I've achieved something. It's about letting go of my old life and it's hard to change but also necessary.

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