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Day One


1st day for me of the wicked weed, Ive smoked for 30 years plus, approx 20 cigs a day rolling tobacco for the last year or so, and have decided for the good of my health its time to kick the habit. Im currently wearing a Niquitin patch 21mg the 24hr ones, and have some niccorette 2mg gum as reserve although I havent used any yet. Doing ok at the moment but obviously very early days. So just a hello from me for now.

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Hi Graham, welcome to the forum, good decision to quit and to join this forum. Read as much as you can as there is so much advice on here and some useful tips. Best wishes to you in your quit. Ishall keep a look out for you:)

Hi Graham

A very warm welcome to the forum. Your story is similar to mine, same length of time smoking and I quit using patches, and guess what, 6 months plus quit for me!

So Graham, follow in my size 6 footsteps, try not to look too far ahead, baby steps, and you'll be fine. May this be the one for you my love;)

Fi x

Thanks for the warm welcome lads & lasses your encouragement is much apreciated , looks like day 1 has been a success no tobacco today and not long until bedtime. I had a peice of gum but Im not sweating it at this early stage. I will use what ever helps me to get a head start on the road to recovery.

Welcome Graham, this is a good place to share your experience and your journey, there are many like-minded friends and I wish you all the success with your quit. Stay strong and keep us all up to date with how you get on.


Well done Graham !!!! ;)

Just to say... well done Graham.. Its my first day as well.

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