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Last day of month one


Well people

Here I am on the last day of month one. (been here before I think) Start of month two tomorrow and must say after the weekend I had am very pleased with myself. Things are still no better in the linda house but hell theres not a lot I can do about other people. Thats one BIG thing I have learned from my AL-ANON meetings. Well to be fare I feel ok today long may it last. Now I am off to see my two sons (lovely) One needs me to pick something up and the other needs a lift cos his OH got the car. But its good to be needed LOl. So speak later all have a good easy smoke free day. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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well done Linda! :)

your doing so well , have a good day :)

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free


Good luck with month 2 and beyond.

Your a-rockin' 'n' a-rolling, girl! :D

*sings* "Go, Linda! Go, Linda! Yeah!"

YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE MONTH DONE! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! Go Linda!!!! Well done!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WTG Linda, well done. I'm with Barb on this - keep on rocking girl. xx

Well done Linda

1 month gone already.


A big WELL DONE Linda. You never cease to amaze me Linda. Of all the people on here, you have had probably more cause than most, to crack. With everything that you have, going on at home, l am absolutely full of admiration for you my friend. ! month done and dusted, and on to month 2. :D

Love Josie XXX

Well done, you must have had the hardest first month of anyone on here... and you've come through it.

Congratulations, I really mean that - A big pat on the back!

Well done for reaching the end of month 1 and good luck going into month 2!

Woo Hoo Linda.:) You can do this. xx

Great going Linda,I know you will do it this time.....Congrats:)

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