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No Smoking Day
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The excuses on day one

Hi everyone.

So, let's see, I smoked my last cig around midnight last night. Today is day one, its been 14 hours since I have had a cigarette. I sit here finding myself looking for excuses to stop this "stop smoking" thing. I can't seem to concentrate, and can't seem to quit thinking about anything BUT having a cig. I have been taking Chantix for 8 days now, and it doesn't seem to be helping me at all, other then upsetting my stomach. Where's the miracle drug that just makes me stop and "POOF" I am a non-smoker.

Anyway, every minute seems like an argument with myself. The good self says stay smoke free, you will be healthier, your house and clothes smell better, you will feel better and save money. The bad self says "the hell with this go have a cigarette cause its something I truly love to do...why be miserable."

So far, I am staying strong. Feeling a little down in the dumps too. I guess I came on here to take my mind off things, and maybe find a little encouragement or help. If nothing else, to let things out. I want to be a NON-SMOKER more then anything in the world, but day one sucks so far, really bad. :(

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Hello and Welcome.

I have no miracle cure but i am finding coming on here and talking to others that are qutting too is helping me so much.

I dont want to let them down now as well as myself.

You do want to give up because you have told us you do and you have done so well already. You have nearly done day 1. Well Done for that.

I know the cravings are bad but you can ride them out, honest you can.

The first few days i was drinking loads of water, that helped.

I am sending you lots of positive vibes.


Thanks for the kind words Flippy. I keep saying it has to get easier cause it can't stay this hard.

I made it thru the whole work day. So now I can go home and learn to survive my first evening. I have been reading tons on here. It seems helpful, at least it for sure keeps my mind buisy and makes me realize I am not the only one going thru this torture alone. I may keep on bugging you all.

Ok...letting out a sigh...packing up my stuff and heading home.


Well Done For Getting Through Your First Day... I Have Started Taking Champix Today And My Quit Date Is The 17th... I Have Read Lots And Lots About Champix And It Tells You To Stop Between 7 And 14 Days, The 7 Days For You Might Not Be Enough Time For The Med To Kick In Properly... I Am Not Trying To Give You An Excuse To Start Again But I Thought This Might Help....


Welcome becca x x x x

Remember any form of therapy is just that. All quits need will power too x x

Pattie may have a good point there too!

Stay strong,

~Buffy x x


OK Becca,

Bad news first there ain't no pill invented yet that makes you suddenly wake up and 'poof'your a non smoker.

Now the good news- Champix is pretty damn close!!!

I've been quit since day 9 of champix(just a week now and I feel so great on it. in previous quits I always woke up gasping for a fag and a coffee. Now I don't feel any urge at all (only for my brekkie!) Give it time to work and you'll never look back. i've smoked for 25yr:eek: and tried numerous ways 2 quit(hynotherapy,gum,patches,inhaltor,ct even zyban) but NOTHING has made me feel as positive as Champix. Stay Strong Becca. You CAN do this!!


Welcome to the day 1 club. Thats 4 of us now given up on the 10th.

Stay stronge.

Barb x


Hi Becca , You sound exactly like me 3 days ago. I managed my first day by going hour to hour. I have had my down moments but have realised that im now going day to day and am looking forward to day 4 tomorrow so theres progress for you. Once you have got to day 2 there is always that bit more of a push as you will have wasted day one if you smoke again. Like you Im not having such an easy time of it on champix as others i wonder if thats because i was mainly a habit smoker and no drug can cure you of a habit that has to be broken by yourself but it does work to take away the awful cravings.

Best of luck into day 2 , you can do it i promise . I was sat in a sobbing heap on the floor 3 days ago now im sipping my smoothie( my new addiction thank god i have picked a healthy one this time!!



hiya Becca!!

just wanted to say welcome!! and well done for getting this far! you've come to the right place for the added support! it's helped me loads!!

i'm on the champix and i have been smoke free for 8 weeks! the craving does go away!(telling you from my point of view! and i hope it helps you:) )and it does get easier!!

you got to use some willpower to help you along, and be STRONG & DETERMINED!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! think to yourself..you're not missing out! just cos you're not smoking anymore!your gonna be fitter,healthier,you won't smell like an ashtray. and with the money you save you'll be richer too!!:) it's also suprising how many of your friends n family (who are still smokers!!), look up to you when you've given up smoking! and it makes you feel sooooo in control of your life! when you see them with their fags in the cold and rain outside(BBBBRRRRRRRR AND WINTER'S COMMING don't forget:D )


hope this helps becca! BE STRONG!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

love poskit.x



Hello Becca,

You have come to the right place for encouragement and to get your mind off of things! You are doing great on day 1!! It really is tough for the 1st three days, but after that hump you will start to feel better. You can do this. We are all here for you goin through the same feelings and thoughts! We all understand where you are coming from and we want to help you through your rough days and stand proud beside you on your good days. You can do it hun! Keep posting here and keep yourself busy busy busy!! Talk to yourself and keep reminding yourself why you want to quit. It is soooooo worth it in the long run. Things DO get easier - I promise!!! :D Chin up, head forward, fingers crossed!! You can do it!!!


You are all so great

Ok, I made it thru day one. BUT, I am not going to tell all about it here, I am going to the day 2 forum now. I just wanted to say, to everyone that has written, you are all great to talk to. I am actually smiling and excited reading all the wonderful support. Ok, moving to day 2.


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