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On the move (posting into week 3 threads)

Lungs feeling bigger.........

Bank balance looking bigger...........

Smelling nicer........

Being able to smell..........

Loads of energy..............with less sleep............

Well, well, well. Look what I have done, many thought it couldn't, wouldn't be done, but look at me now. The start of week 3. 2 weeks complete. Who's laughing I have no hint of coughing up my stomach.

Thank you every body for every bit of support so far. Undoubtedly my success is interlinked with you. Three cheers for all of you.

Onward smoke free soldiers, for into the so-called dreaded 3rd week for it is. But what an incentive I have with Xmas on the horizon. Good luck all with your own personal goals, you will reach them, you will surpass them, you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve.


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Hi Don,

What an amazing post. You've just made my day petal, I feel as though I can do anything now. :)

I knew you would do it, as did everyone on here. Still really proud of you though!

Keep up the good work and I salute you sir :D

Molly x


Ah shucks, thanks Molly

I just write it as I see it.

I was just set to thinking how many things I have accomplished in life and what it took to get me to gain it.

Everything in this life hard graft, but on most things you have just got yourself, and if you are lucky a supportive family and a close friend.

But, this goal of quitting smoking, well I have a multitude of close friends, some bordering on being called family. How can I fail? I just don't have it in me to let not only me down, but also my online family. You are like little miracles to me.



He started on his 3rd week and he still hadn't smoked......

Da do Don Don Don, da do Don Don!

3rd week mucker?

For you it's going to be small potatoes, walk in the park ....... Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezee!! :D

Well done so far, head up and keep walking mate






Don - Week 3 and you're already getting tasty benefits - nice one and well done :)


Well done Don,

Congratulations on your 3 weeks :D

Love May x


Fantastic stuff, well done big Don! 3 weeks, it's a really achievement and past the point of no return now mate!! Just think, it can only get easier by the day now.

Just think how you and me will feel in another 3 weeks. :D

Really chuffed for you dude. Keep it up.

All the best



Don, you must be really chuffed! How marvellous for you and a smoke free Christmas on the horizon, that is just great! Well done!:D



You're doing great. Well done. Another Christmas Star:)

Fi x


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