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Day 7 - packing my bags and ready to move to week 2

Perhaps a little premature as, officially, my week 2 doesn't start until midnight tonight, but I am all mentally prepared and raring to go.. Can't believe that I have made it this far - huge part of the credit must go to my fellow Jan 2015 quitters who have been there whenever I have wobbled and made me think that this really is possible.

Tonight I shall have a long, hot bath with the lovely bath oil whose scent I can now smell properly, perhaps a glass of fizz and a book for some special 'well done me' time.

Jim/Mina/Isabel - looking forward to seeing you in our new home tomorrow. Enjoy your end of week one treats - you have deserved every bit of them.

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Seriously well done, and I for one have no complaints about you moving over to week 2 straight away :)

Keep up the treats for yourself, as it spurs me on knowing I have something physical to show for it each time I splash out on ebay :)


It's is indeed a a great leap into room two , and the decor is improving , you are doing so very well, of course a treat has to be had this is a great occasion, so very well deserved.

Just keep going, you will be a inspiration for those starting out on day one of a new quit.

Massive congratulations from me!


Kent, that's fantastic! :D

I really do think that once you've parked Week One you're properly on the way and your posts indicate that you have the confidence and the resolve to make this the Forever Quit. May your Week Two be an easy and (ideally) crave-free one. Well done you and I hope you will celebrate your arrival in the Week Two room in suitable fashion. :)


Superb, well done you xx


Good stuff, well done on one week. If you've got my old room, the marks on the carpet are beer.


Nice one Kent - that's week one done for us, aren't we just so cool :cool::cool:

Enjoy your evening, and see you in the Week 1 room tomorrow - I'm expecting to awake to the smell of newly baked croissants, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice :p

Feeling proud, and mildly euphoric - though the latter might be the gin and tonic I have decided to reward myself with rather than a benefit of not smoking




Many congratulations Kent, and also to the rest of Team 2015.


Congrats too, and if people are awake around 6 then it will be croissants and freshly squeezed oj all around!


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