No Smoking Day

Bout time i posted a thread!!

Thought I would post my own thread for once hehe and having been playing around with my myspace and photobucket i found this free custom avatar thingy! 'meez' it's @ photobucket

:D this Is Me!!! :D

I am posting on this forum in my smoke free home!

Not a bad likeness and see my honesty with the hooter! hehe

Amazing what one can get up too when my youngest takes an afternoon nap for a change! hehe

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wot a cool cartoon

hi buffy never have seen a post by you yet come to think about it u too buzy helping others out are you doing okay with your quit?:)


Hi Buffy

:D Lovely kitchen Buff wish I had nice posh one like that hehe. HOw you doing girl Still positive as ever. Just going over my daughters for tea she has made a curry nice treat its my fav food. See you later Love Linda:D


Ooh very posh!!! - Is that an ice dispenser I spot on the front of your dazzlingly crome double fridge thing? Hey and where's the fridge magnets I thought you had at least twelve kids:D :D

Nice to see your very own original post - you should make time just for yourself when you quit He He:)

But couldn't you afford a chair to sit in after buying that dazzling kitchen????

I bet those tiles are cold - mind you don't get piles - or are you sooo posh you have underfloor heating....Hmm!

Good to see you Buffy..

Loopy XX


Thanks for the replies all x

Hehe lol no1 the drinks / ice dispenser looks pretty i cant use it since the kids put juice in it and it molded up, true !

The magnets n pics of which usually hang over every edge and fall every time i open either fridge or freezer have been dumped in one of those numerous drawers to take the pretty pic :D

Large kitchen thing is a mirrored illusion hehe and yup once the council fitted it i still couldn't afford a chair and if you open a drawer it collapses the doors fall of the cupboards but hey it looks good ;) rofl

12 kids :rolleyes: now theres an idea :D

OOh linda, to go round to the kids and eat their food!! seems like a dream n curry too! (I just enjoy anything i haven't cooked or paid for! easy pleased lol)

Still positive quit wise yes ty had a rocky weekend but the making up was worth it!

I know thought it was time i threw in a post x x

Cheers linda, loops n kat x x


myspace is pretty cool. I have a site on there as do a lot of my friends. Been gone 2 days camping. Wondered what the lot of u were up to. Good representation Buffy. By the size of that kitchen does it mean the wine parties begin at your house?




Pop by myspace anytime it's linked on my profile page x x

You found my secret :D all those cupboards hold nothing other than wine! hehe partys' at mine :D


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