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moving into the week 3 room!!


On day 14 so I've decided to promote myself to the week 3 room:)

Had a really tough weekend and almost caved in on Sunday, but used my inhalator and got through it eventually! Last couple of days have been muc much better, and I definitely feel that the cravings are starting to become further apart - just a couple of key times during the day now, you can almost time them to the second!

Hope everyone in the March to Freedom group is staying strong and doing well:D

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woop woop :p

Good for you vicstar,

Glad the craves are becoming less & less for you know. Bring on week 3 :D

Gaynor x

Well done Vics :)

Is it easier now you can pin point when your cravings will come?? i mean do you just keep your mind occupied during these times or do you plan ahead as you know they are comming?? Just asking so i know what to do lol


Also on day 14 ha ha:). Just like you I had cravings over the weekend but so glad I didn't give in (with the help of this forum) else I would have had to start from day 1 again and that is a really depressing thought!

Day 14 so if you are promoting yourself to week 3 then so am I :p Only 2 hours away anyway!!

Big well done to you, me and everyone else! Never thought I'd be here! :D CHEESEY GRIN!


Well done you into week 3 sorry you had a tough weekend though

Thanks everyone for your support:)

Snow - I just ride them out really no big secrets or aything to share! Tend to be in the morning after the first cup of tea, and then while cooking the dinner - I know they are coming and just let it happen really, I know they will pass and they do.

Pinkjerry, are you on the wrong forum mate?!!;)

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