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No Smoking Day
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Week 3 -Not a great start

Hello all been away for a few days and well I let myself down yesterday- went out and got absolutely obliterated and smoked a couple of ciggies- according to my mates, 'I looked as of I was absolutely hating it'...but nevertheless....

....have woken up today with a sore throat but not too worried about what happened, -in that YES i let myself down but no I don't want to smoke today.. obviously had all day to think about it but am now worrying that the reason I am so calm about it is because i've had a nicotene fix!?!? am i overthinking? scared now that the next few days will be harder because of what I did.... and am also wondering if this means that drinking will be a no-no, or maybe I just drank too much too soon....

opinions/advice appreciated cheers everyone x

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What day are we on Geordie/Ron? -I know i'm 1 day behind you guys, cheers


Keep your chin up Booyaa

You can do it, I'm behind you 100%... drinking sux for making temptations greater... eg... either you want to smoke, which you know you hate, or you want to pick up the lady , who ends up really ugly. Its not a no no, just go moderate!

Laters, Vike


Get Back on Wagon

Hi Booya think we now on Day 23...... losing track at mo. Anyway cant believe you gave into temptation (Ron took 1 day off his total when he had a slip up) but hey as long as you still want to stay a no smoker and get straight back on the wagon, then theres always hope that you'll quit for good and 1 swallow doesnt make a summer eh.

Like Viking says.......beer makes for bad temptation but eventually we all have to face that part of it eh.

Anyway keep it up, dont beat yourself up about it, just do same as Ron and remain resolute to quit and seems to be working ok for him.:D


I am pumped that you all are still posting.

Gives me hope that I can do this, when I see you all moving up day by day, the same as me, just 10 days ahead, haha... I know i'll be hot on your heels every day... and every day we are all saving tons of money and time. Heres hoping that time starts getting faster. I resolve to not stop posting until I've made it at least a year. My lady thinks i've become addicted to not smoking, haha... better to be a non smoker who can't stop thinking about it, then to be a smoker thinking about quitting.


Dont beat urself up about a blip. I punished myself by knocking a day off my tally so that now makes me day 27, but if u were on a diet and had one piece of cake it would not be a deal would it?

I think I might be getting there but am still insecure even though I feel good.

This morning time is worst for me- so have a few gums then seem ok. Funnuily enough booze does not make me want to smoke, neither does going to the pub, but am lucky as none of my mates smoke. I now hate the stink of my clothes when come back from pub.

Stay cool, think of the money. I was pissed off when smoking now and then, so might just as well be pissed off without a cig.

Take care



The demon drink

Must say that anytime I've given up before, the drink always seemed to get the better of me. To give me a better chance this time, I've decided to limit my trips to the pub (just for a few weeks). I did go for a drink last week but left the pub after 2 drinks. It was hard to leave early but I was happy enough once I got home and I treated myself to something nice to eat.

Anyway, the real question is what do you do now? You've tripped up and had a few fags - big deal! What are you going to do now? You've quit the habit of smoking already having been off them for 3 weeks. You just have to be strong now for a day or two and make sure you don't smoke again. You're still on day twenty something. Don't give up now.

Move on - forget about it. You're still an x-smoker. You've decided to quit for some really good reasons. Just keep with the programme.


give up the alcohol too (at least for a few weeks)

I am in my 7th week of stopping smoking. Two weeks ago my best friend came over because I hadn't seen her for so long and my husband was away so I thought we could have a girlie night. She bought 2 bottles of my fave wine and as we slowly got more tipsy and giggly I started to obsess about fags. My friend not only drinks a lot, she also smokes like a chimney, in fact, she was the one that started me smoking at 14! Anyhow, I decided that whatever happened, before she went home I would have a drag. The next fag break (outside on patio), I followed her and finished a previous fag she had put out half-way, I can't honestly say I didn't enjoy it but it didn't do anything for me either and the next day I just felt so guilty and ridiculous so I just forgot about the whole thing. I don't think you should beat yourself up about the 2 ciggies you had but I think if alcohol is our weakness then we need to think about our weak times and limit them. I don't go out much anyway so only drink at home and my husband is a non-smoker and my kids hate it so I don't worry about having a sneaky fag anymore. I have my daughter's 21st on Saturday so I will let you all know next week how it went, my first big do since stopping smoking.


Dont think anyone needs to stress about anything on here- as long as I dont have a fag I could not give a monkeys about anything else- I like a drink and it does not seem to make me want to smoke. Nearly a month now, but no way am I smug, am proud for me, but its still a tightrope but getting better.

Good luck and dont beat urself up

Going away this weekend to a cottage with 80 bottles of stella for 4 blokes and 3 women- not enough I say!

I dont think I could smoke now, but will need the gum- thats getting me through



Cheers everyone

i appreciate your honesty about the whole thing, I have been fine again today, I dont think I did myself any favours with the drink thing- It's obviously too soon to stretch my limits so far.

-A lot of people were disappionted in me, it's wierd though, how some people seemed quite smug (most of them were smokers themselves) but even more harder is the assumption of my closer mates that I am now fighting a losing battle and it's inevitable I will give in eventually!!!:( So what Im trying to say is i really value the realistic support I get from here.

Carbon, Geordie, Ron, Viking, Rubymiller thanks x -

Ruby: this is my best friend too- 'My friend not only drinks a lot, she also smokes like a chimney, in fact, she was the one that started me smoking at 14!' -I hate having to avoid my friends for this reason!


We all have somebody tryin to knock us down.

Here was my scenario today:

*while talking to a coworker infront of a contractor in an office, as I see the coworker pulling out a smoke pack*

Me: "Pardon me, but do you mind not smoking that in here, I'm on quit day 8, and I don't think that will help me any."

Him "8 days? and your not over it? You are a (insert explicitive here) wimp."

Me "This coming from the one still smoking".

Him "Don't preach to me... don't you even thin to preach to me."

Me "Whatever"

Him, walking out. "you quit. thats cool".

*he walks around glass enclosure, lights up, taps on window and flips a bird.

----- he wasn't super pissed, i don't think, but i believe i hit him where it hurts. I quit, he doesn't have the willpower. He has made jokes, showing me smokes, inserting "smoke" into conversations, when i'm just talking about beer... I observe his attitude, because of his low self esteem due to being addicted, as I was not too long ago... and it makes me never want to fall off my freedom horse. Because I quit, i believe he feels worse, and doesn't want to be the lonely smoker at work. I guess he tricks himself into believing that he would feel better if i smoked still also. I will never take another puff. He'll have to live with that. We must stick together, and hold to our quits. I am here for each and every one of you. I am also quite sure you all care that I stick to my guns on this. I thank you for that. and day 9 is coming soon! *runs around house in boxers yelling no smokes, no smokes, i'm freeeeeeeeeee* Nice to be able to start runnin again.



I love my friend to bits but I can only see her once in a while at the moment and she understands, she will never give up anything because she has had a rotten life and she has no hubby or kids to stay healthy for, I don't blame her but I do worry about her health. Anyway, hopefully one day I can be in her company and NOT WANT TO SMOKE:p


Yeah I hope that my friends will understand... well some of them anyway Viking I see you're getting similar experiences to me(!)

Counting down as well as up now....Almost on week 4 of not smoking and....

less then 19 weeks til the smoking ban! Bring it on :rolleyes: x


still here and into second month- stressed out at work but not smoking!!!! I never thought it helped anyway.

Not posting as much now but am still here and got to thank u guys for ur continuing support.



Good luck

Not posted for a couple of days, but 2nd month now, anyway glad to see everyones pretty upbeat and getting through this one way or another.......smoking ban aint gonna effect us lot!:)



I think you're right. Everybody looks for things they have in common so they can identify with each other, whether it's your friends or family or co-workers. After all, everyone is here on this board because they are quitting or have quit!

When I quit, my best friend was the same, waving the fags in front of me, constantly offering me a smoke. In the end I took a cig, screwed it up in front of him and dropped it in the ashtray! He was a bit pi**ed but he didn't offer me one again and we are still friends. I think he was worried that we would have less in common or maybe he took it as a bit of an insult, as in "I don't need those fags as I'm stronger than you!"

Either way, he still smokes but I don't nag him (too much) and we get on fine. He knows that there are parts of my personality that is different to him and sometimes he does say "I wish I had the guts to do that" when I change jobs, go travelling and other stuff. It's OK to do stuff that other people around you find it difficult to understand, when you've made a success of it, most of the time they see why you did it in the first place.

ron and Geordie- It seems that both of you have really "broken the back" of this, well done! It should be a lot easier for you both now that you have come this far.


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