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3 weeks 3 days to failure


Hi gang

I have been in hiding as I sailed my way to my target of 3 weeks...I just needed to turn my back on talking about smoking and thinking about quitting.

I made it to 3 weeks 3 days...We had some good news with regards to my wifes job and my becoming a full time dad/househusband. So what did I do, had a few drinks and 3 cigarettes... Why only 3, because I couldn't smoke any more. No 4 didn't appeal. I just didn't want it.

I should have stayed on the forum and I thought about staying away due to my failure. Then I remembered that I found things easy when I interacted with all of you...

So today is day 1...however I still feel some success going 3 weeks+. I didn't really give in to cravings and just did what I used to do...Have a few drinks and have a few smokes. I let myself off.

I don't want to smoke today, I'm not craving cigerettes, I just look forward to going another 3 weeks smoke free... It really did feel different and great and I want it back.

Feeling free and full of life is so much nicer than feeling poisened all the time.

I will not fail you :)

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Three weeks and four days and counting

Hi Defrog 3 weeks and 4 days you are doing great did you read the post I put under yours for demented forget the slip its allowed it didnt happen go forward not back mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you smell nice LOL xx

Will go and read it...I agree...I feel it is another stepping stone to success...I won't take it lightly but I will remember how rough I feel today after just 3 smokes, last night, and how great I felt physically and how great I did smell day in day out...


The road to smoke free is hard to navigate

Hi dont count it as a failure its a slip and as I said forget it you havent cheated and you are still a quitter xx

Love you poem by the way :)

Ive written that poem out and put it on my cupboard door, hope u dont mind? It was really good.

We can do it together if u want defrog...would be nice to have someone that has the same quit day to talk to :)

You go it Elli!

we can do it!

We need something like Twitter but call it Quitter :)

Ive just joined the facebook group...

Quitter would be good :lol:

How are you doing with cravings today?

Im chuffing on this inhalator as if my life depended on it lol...and im a grumpy moo today too! :rolleyes:


I just feel rough...cold turkey for me...no props

I'm sure I'll be grumpy by tonight...Main thing for me is to eat...They say food cravings and nicotine cravings are very similar and I have noticed that if I eat regular meals I don't crave the smokes...

It helps that I love healthy food, right now I could murder a bacon butty :o

Hi Defrog :D

I'm sorry you had that slip with a few drinkd but well done starting again straight away

Keep going and if you crave a bacon butty then have one much better for you than a fag anyway


Marg xx


I stopped drinking more than 1 or 2 drinks for a long time to avoid temptation. I can now get joyfully drunk but its taken a long time to build myself up to it! If thats your falldown then i'd suggest cutting back or avoiding the drink till you have your head around it more. Blooming well done for getting back on the horse though!!

Why you would want to hide or lay low at a time of obvious need for support is beyond me :) If anything, its now you need the encouragement, and its great that you've re-begun your quit, it matters not that you've restarted, just that you learn from the mistake, and use the mistake to strengthen this go.

Theres lots of us on here who've attempted to quit on more than one occasion, and some that restart so many times they thought themselves as serial-quitters.

You did 3 weeks .. you can do it again. Yes of course you will get some mad cravings due to the re-introduction of nicotine into your system, but you know the drill and in 3 days time it will be out of your system again and you can then begin the real process of quitting again.

Strength and determination you know you've got lots of.. So go at this again now and use the forum as much as you can. Theres tons of great info on this site now, and tons of good folk too, so lean on it for support, it will help alot.

Cheers Jase

I hid for a while because I was trying to stay focused on getting past 3 weeks...Which worked...but I should have got back in to tell of my triumph...instead I am back due to failure... but I can live with it...it was only 3 smokes and I'm nearly past day one...I know how time flys and it will be 3 weeks again before I know it.

Thanks everyone...

Hi defrog

Well I am back on the quit, all the support helps

need a new plan, may invest in a straight jacket and wear it the next couple of weeks or months

Demented...That sounds like a plan! Can you get straight jackets from the NHS? Instead of patches?

I've really had it with smoking...It's actually Pi##ing me off now...I refuse to be a addict.

Happiness is in the mind not in a packet

Thats it now you can kick butt and you want be tempted to slip again

and if you do I will come and kick some butt LOL

and yes of course you can get straight jacket on NHS the goverment will pay for it, if mp's can claim Rent Rebates ha ha then Im sure you can claim for one of those.

And Eli I love the thought that you find my poetry a positive thought in your quit I will write one especially for you have a good evening and keep posting its good to talk, shout or scream LOL

It looks like we have a demented defrog (oops! sorry) both of you have had blips well my answer to that is so what, you get knocked down and you get up again. Good on both of you just try again you'll get there I'm sure.


Hi defrog, day one almost over, you know the drill, read and post, read and post. I have had more than my fare share of day ones, lets make this one your last one.

Stay strong.

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