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Cold Turkey week 2 running thread


Hey everyone, just reporting in for day 8.

Today I am on such a high... Last night I went for dinner at a friend's house. I ended up drinking loads of wine(we all did of course). There were 4 of us there, 3 smokers and myself.

I wasn't even really tempted to smoke (although the others seemed fascinated with the fact I was able to sit in the room with them and not want to smoke!)

This morning however my lungs hurt, as they used to when I'd been drinking and smoking heavily the day before. I presume my lungs are not happy about all the passive smoking going on while they are just getting started having a clear out! :o

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Wa;y to go!!!!! You should be extremely proud of yourself! Another hurdle conquered!


Well done Mannion x x

I reckon wine tastes much nicer and works better without the smoking :D hehe

Glad you had a good night and no temptations, also it's good to find out life goes on without smoking :D

~Buffy x x

hi there

just wanna say "a very well done to you" i too had two friends over for dinner when i was on day 4 (im day 8 now) both smoke but one chose not to as neither myself or my hubbie smoke anymore. the one that couldnt resist having a few cigs really felt uncomfortable doing so (we still allow other smokers to light up in our house, as weve both been there before and know only to well what its like if your in a place you cant smoke, and kept assuring the smoker that we didnt mind) but he just felt out of place smoking on his own, got to say makes a change, as its usually the non smoker that feels out of place. i also was not tempted, mainly because (no disrespect to the man, his a wonderful friend and always will be) but he stank like an old ashtray. it was awful to think that i must have been smelling like that to my hubbie for ages. are you finding the smell of it awful? it doesnt smell the same as it did when i was smoking myself.

as for the lung pain, it may just be the repair work going on, ive been waking up feelling blocked in the airways and having hardly any voice in the mornings, and have developed a little cough and it feels like ive smoked about 50 fags. the passive smoking probably wouldnt help much though i guess. its probably the gunk we have put down there coming loose and clearing out. (or maybe we are unconciously popping down the garage in the middle of the night, chain smoking 20 ciggs and waking in the morning un aware ,lol lets hope not ) haha

once again well done!

Hey guys thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement, what a great place this really is huh?

Cindy,Boudee,- Thanks so much, you have no idea how encouraging your kind words are.

Buffy - My bestest internetz buddy. :D

destiny - I know exactly what you mean. In fact I can relate to pretty much everything you wrote there. Feeling uncomfortable was one of the reasons I decided to quit smoking!

Ironically last night the other 3 were clearly awkward about smoking in my presence, which I didn't really like. I could really tell that my quitting is "speaking" to my friends if you will.

When they were offering me cigarettes with a big grin and I was turning them down, I could really see it got them thinking (hopefully thinking "Hey if Mannion has done it, I can too!")

The smell of cigarettes is awful, there is no question about it. I can really smell it now too (Like a punch in the face when you walk into a room). Thank christ the pubs and clubs won't have a 3 foot smoke carpet anymore!

I get the same morning effects as you too! Are you loving waking up, realising your mouth still tastes of toothpaste then remembering you are a non smoker every morning?

Appologies for the essay,

Nothin' but love :p

Day 9, still going. Cravings are practically gone now. (all replaced with cravings for food!)

Is now a bad time to confess I ate the surplus Spaghetti Bolognese from dinner saturday nightfor breakfast on sunday? :p

And I could eat it again , right now :o


Thats nothing I was tearing at the lamb bone last night, King Hery XIII sytlie, after polishing off the leftover roast tats :rolleyes:

hehehe into my 5th month and 1 1/2 stone in weight gain >_< OUCH!!

Hi Mannion and all you 2nd weekers

Just reporting in to say today is the start of my 2nd week after going cold turkey.

Keeping strong and must say cravings are nowhere near as bad as in days 1,2& 3. So all of you on week 1 take heart as it does improve.

Thanks for all the comments as never expected to get "the cough" which I never had as a smoker. Caused trauma at weekend when at friends for a barbeque - had a coughing/sneezing fit (after a few drinks) and threw up on the new carpet in the lounge. Don't think it was the drink though which caused it - just the body wanting to get rid of a load of shit of tar etc. but the "red" got in the way.

No excuses and I feel dreadful about it, but be warned don't celebrate too much!!

At weekend the pub was a doddle but that's one thing we can thank the goverment for and like others I am starting to smell a smoke free zone!!!!

Let's here from you Jack d and Mike that you have made it - or that you are starting again. No shame in that - as Buffy will tell you and I will admit I have got very close.

Just looking forward to tomorrow and looking ahead to being in week 3.

Keep it up guys and girls!!


Oh Ian >_<

New carpet

hehehe It's probably a bit late now but ...... I also notice alcohol affects me quicker when i quit :D

Well done for getting through the week end, the pubs smell so much sweeter now makes going to the pub pleasurable hehehe

~Buffy x x

Day 10, still going good!

I think i'll jsut post updates each week now as my little milestones, rather than keep bumping these threads up every day! ;)

:mad: No fun mannion!!

we'll miss your lively posts !!

Maybe just a wee little post to make us giggle from time to time too? just for fun for me? pweasseeeee

Hehehe Your doing so well! Good on you x x ~Buffy x x

Well when you put it like that - and with puss in boots an' all....

Do I have much choice but to keep visiting daily? :D

:D yay yay lol !!

Tooo cute that puss in boots! you know you can't resist those puppy dog eyes hehehehe

Hi! I'm still here! Day 9 now!

Nice on ixrsjx and mannion - but have we lost mike?

Bet you all thought I crashed and - ahem - 'burned'? Not so - still clean and it's definately getting easier at places like work. Still get the odd really mad craving in leisure time - but it's to be expected, isn't it...

I've been feeling pretty rough since Friday afternoon last week - so had a really miserable weekend at home, only saved by sport and music events on tele.

Had nasty stomach bug symptoms and generally felt rather 'odd'. I wonder if it's connected with detox - or just a coincidence?

Had to laugh at the carpet incident - sorry!!! Must admit I've not really felt like drinking -which is unusual for me...

I'll try to clock-in more frequently.


Pah, You aren't a real man until you've ruined a carpet or three by vomiting on them in a drunken stuper IMO, don't worry about it Isrxjs!

Good going on the not smoking, all the physical discomforts are temporary, just keep it up!

My agonising mouth ulcer(sp?) bottled it today. I see it as another mini victory.

If (like me) you're a fidget, making it hard to sit and do nothing at any point in time...Get stuff to fidget with. Stress ball, gum to chew.

I've actually learned to juggle over the last 10 days!!!! :D

Heya Jack x x

Well done glad your still with us :D

Sorry you been unwell :( I think it is a bug type thing, theres been a lot of it round these parts one of my sons was sick a couple of weeks ago too and another had stomach upset last week.

But at least it stops you wanting to smoke :D hehehe

Yeah the festivals over the week end were pretty cool television viewing

Hang tight and keep in touch, hope you are feeling better ~Buffy x x

If (like me) you're a fidget, making it hard to sit and do nothing at any point in time...Get stuff to fidget with. Stress ball, gum to chew.

That's a very good call!! I am the same, i used to carry around a rubiks snake remember those?? I have always been a terrible fidget!

Heh cool, I do remember those! :D

Unfortunately I have the attention span of a

Still not smoking yipeeeee! :p

Day 11 now I think!

How is everyone else feeling today?!?! :p

Hi Mannion

If you are on Day 11 I must be on Day 10.

Not thrown up since the weekend!! but still experiencing certain symptoms i.e. headaches and nausea. Also last night had some "angina" or at least "pumping" of the heart. Anyone else experienced this?

Could be nothing at all as work is a bit stressful at moment and could have been wrong time to give up. That's a load of crap as there is never a wrong time to give up.

Nice to hear that Jack d and Mike are still O.K.

Here's to the next day smoke free!:)


Well done Mannion x x Day 11 and sounding very Jolly well done :D

I am cool ty x x Sorting through my various blogs hehe I keep everything online somewhere as my laptop dies a lot!! And it's the one way to retrieve everything without worrying about it getting lost or broken :rolleyes:

~Buffy x

Morning Ian

Glad you have managed to refrain from staining carpets :D

Palpitations can be related to stress and nicotine along with headaches etc

Try and reduce caffine and stress if possible! :rolleyes: hmmm lol

If you are worried you should see doc, remember not everything is quit related!

Well done and good luck x x ~Buffy x x

Day 10 me up.

Hi guys and girls.

Feeling good today. Probably something to do with the roast chicken and roast potato's I had for dinner last night. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Have to say I've not had any angina type syptoms - although have had a bit of acid from drinking a few Strongbows...odd because I normally drink lager.

Hello Jack x x

Ohhh yummy roast chicken and tats and on a weekday! isn't that against the law? or is it just against the law to not have a roast on Sunday?! :rolleyes: hehehe

You've probably gone off larger because it goes with smoking in your mind!

and your taste buds are back !! :p

Glad your feeling good today even if munching through the gaviscon and rennies :D

Well done on double figures x x x ~Buffy x x

Yay we are all still here, go us!!!

Joan, Jack, Ian, Mike and myself...

Also on a side note, I changed what I drink as well. I didn't find it hard to drink without smoking really. (although it did do a nice job of getting me swig-faced VERY quickly hehe!)

hehehhehe very good :D

Go Go no more smoking rangers ~

Mike looks fab in pink :D

~Buffy x x

Yeh it's really his colour don't you think? :p

oh yeah!!

Hope he agrees hehehe otherwise i am telling him it was all your fault! :p

ha ha jacks in yellow is he a reincarnation of Jack lemon? :D

Day 13....

Still here, feel completely fine. Think about cigarettes quite a bit in the morning, but there's no way i'd actually smoke one now!

So yeah....all good.

Apart from I think I've pulled a muscle in my chest, which sucks :mad:

As is life :p

Think everyone has pulled something! I've got a trapped nerve in the base of my back! Its agony!!!:(

Day 11.

Feeling good today.

Must dash. Otherwise work will never end today....

Well done Jack x x x

Day 14 woooop.

I had a nightmate that I was smoking last night. The scary part was not that I had relapsed to the dark side... More that when I inhaled the smoke it turned to fire in my lungs, at which point I woke up.

I then sat up for a good 5 minutes before I realised I had been dreaming it - hehehe what an idiot.

Is my brain taking desperate measures to make me smoke now? Like putting it in my dreams? But then the parts of my brain that i've trained to see the light jump in and remind me that smoking is evil?

I don't know, who cares anyway? Do you?

14 days, quite proud of myself to be fair :p

Thankyou! ;) :D

I quite like yellow. It goes well with a suntan.

**books tanning salon session**

Lol i thought you were being totally random! then i remembered Jack Lemon lollol go go non smokers hehehehe

Yeah yellow suits you, definitely need to top up that tan though :D hehe

Hi Mannion, jack d, mike, buffy and everybody supporting the site.

Just checking in to assure all that I am still on track despite all those nasty side effects - i.e. nausea, headaches, cough and a bit of stomach upset. The last one has caused me problems again in last 24 hours but doc. does not appear to be too concerned.

Probably more concerned about my diabetes which was diagnosed 6 months ago. As you can gauge I am a walking wreck but doc. very pleased I had given up the weed especially as I am more prone to heart problems with the diabetes.

Don't know why I am going on like this except that despite all the little setbacks I am determined to crack it. I am waiting for the dreams (like mannion) - the devil gets everywhere!

Really looking forward to Monday which is the start of my 3rd week.

To all - keep hanging in there:)


Hiya Ian x x

Glad docs happy :D seems all is well and on track !!

Can you stop being diabetic?! or is it a lifetime one?

Theres different types right? :confused:

Hope you get it under control x x

one things for certain, stopping smoking will make you healthier :D

Keep strong x x

~Buffy x x

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