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Day 1 has come a day early!

Hi All,

I am on day 7 of taking Champix and my quit day was meant to be tomorrow but after smoking 2 cigs this morning and being very close to being sick straight after each of them, I have decided to take the plunge and start from this moment. This probably wouldn't be a reccommended way to do it but I don't think I can physically smoke another cig without making myself ill!!

I feel very nervous about it all but after viewing other people's experiences on here I am also feeling very positive. Just a word of advice for those who are feeling anxious about stopping... Alan Carr's Easyway method is amazing. Although it didn't work for me entirely it has really changed my view on the way I view cigs and I know many people who have stopped smoking without taking anything to help them to, just by reading the book or watching the dvd.

I'm very excited about becomming a non-smoker - good luck everyone!!!!

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That's exactly the way it happened for me. I'm taking Champix and was all set to stop on day 11. I had a cig on the evening of day 7 and it made me sick so when I woke up on day 8 I thought I'd give it a try. I am now on my

3rd day of being smoke free!

It's not all easy, the Champix definately helps, but you'll still need to use a bit of will power. Keep strong and have something with you for when you have a craving. I'm sucking mints and drinking plenty of water and I'm getting through ok. I never thought I would be able to do it, but I am, and I'm sure you will too!!

Good luck!


Good Luck Charlotte!!! And well done :D


Well done Charlotte, if you feel ready then go for it:D

I am on Champix too and have just completed 5 weeks of not smoking, so they do work.

Like Muddles said, have something with you in case you get a craving, I find frozen grapes brilliant:D And drink plenty of water, that helps too.

And enjoy your quit:D



I didnt use champix purely because I suffer with depression and it has contraindications for people like me.

Still its not a magic bullet and as muddles says you will still need will power. So read,read, read and read, talk on here, ask for help, read how others have survived whichever day you are on and most of all believe you can do it and you will.

Good luck to both of you and keep going, this is a brilliant thing you are doing:D

Lillie xx


Thank you very much everyone!!! I definitely think coming on here helps and you're very right in saying will power is much needed in addition to taking the pills. That's where I find the Alan Carr Easyway to Stop Smoking DVD helps!!

Good luck to you all too, it's great to see people at all different stages of stopping smoking. We will do it!! :D


Hey Charlotte

6 weeks on Champix and crave free....

Keep up the regimen is a succesfull one...

And I wanted to smoke to the bitter end of 14 days....but i didnt make it either....and the best you will remember the taste of that last one, even 6 weeks in....and it wasnt so good!!



Thank you for sharing!!! It's great to see other people who have stopped for a few weeks as it gives you that extra drive that it can be done :)



It can be done....and it does get "easier"...and there is a lot of support here...

Feel free to fire off questions or feelings, we have run the gambit on them.



Hi Charlotte,

Well done to you...great decision. I am taking Champix and now on day 18 smoke free. I have had hardly any physical cravings, but a few "ohh, wouldn't it be nice to have a fag"'s just a momentary thought and they are getting less and less.

It is "odd" not to smoke after 30+ years, but I have given up for 3 years before so maybe I do know somewhere deep in my brain that it can be done!

I think the fact you are excited about being a non-smoker is a very good sign.

You're starting a whole new happier and healthier phase of your life.



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