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I'm day 24 and the phlegm is coming!

Hi people

I've either got a bit of a cold or I'm getting rid of phlegm from me lungs! Has anyone else had this catarrh? I'm not complaining though...better out than in I say! Just joined the site although I've felt continuously strong since giving up cold turkey. I wasn't even intending to give up! I'd even bought a nice tin for my roll-ups the day before! Woke up the next day and decided I'd had enough of smoking and drinking. Stopped both and started exercise. I'm 40 and it feels good to be active again. There's a lot to be said for being ready. I think I was/am.

Mind you, I have to admit that despite my exercise (swimming and cycling), I've piled on 10 pounds in less than a up chocolate is the next thing! lobl!!:rolleyes:

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Hi Flumpy

Good for you and congrats on your brave quit. I too gave up cold turkey (day18 now) and i was very keen to simply stop and get on with life. Fab huh? So you quit fags and drink in one? wow! I still drink lol.

With regards to the phlegm i would say it's your lungs clearing out, it has to be. I started running and i have a damn good cough when i'm out there and the next day, i feel this really helps. I've been taking propolis drops to help heal my chest, you might want to look it up and try it. :) it can't hurt you it's completley natural.

Just bring it all up. :cool:


HI Flumpy, I've had an ongoing catarrh problem for 2 weeks on and off. All good I reckon if it's clearing it for good, I just wish I didn't sound like a smoker!

Catherine :)



thanks for replies...think it is just gunk coming up! felt like i'd smoked 60 fags last night when i first woke up! presumably, all this is positive and the lungs are having a spring clean! still, at least i don't smell like i've had 60 fags. have you lot smelt the breath of a smoker recently?? not nice! x


have you lot smelt the breath of a smoker recently?? not nice! x

Yes. It smells like poo. :eek:


Hey, congrats on the stopping

I find the smell of smoke different now it doesn't smell as appealling as it did, also have u got ur taste buds back yet?

I had a curry recently and it was the most flavoursome thing I have ever tasted!!! Or it was the misses cooking lol

Seriously though personally I would have thought I would be coughing up some gunk but havnt yet.

Does anyone know of the normaly timescale for the lungs doing its spring cleaning?

Onwards and upwards smoke free



I not had none of that yet?? bit worried keep thinking the damage is already done ...really want to spit some goz ...its worrying me now xxxx:)


Yea me too! I'm sure it will come in time! X


Huge waste of money. I really regret buying this. There really isn't any free play value. The game gets frozen a lot, and there's only a story mode. Good graphics and missions, though.

Hi anne,

i have to disagree call of duty - modern warfare 2 on the ps3 is the best multilayer game i have played in years. Great graphics, seemless multiplayer with loads of extras, i love it i find it very therapeutic.

which version of call of duty did you buy?


Yea me too! I'm sure it will come in time! X

yeah probably for me at a very inconvenient moment xx:D

glad im not alone xxx


I've reported the spammer. This is the second time now that i've seen at least where they pick a random quote from another forum

(unrelated to quitting smoking) and then spam this one.. with a link to a website under neath in their sig.

Anyway, i've reported it, hopefully will be addressed later.


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