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My mission impossible has begun! Day 1 & personal introduction :)

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Hello all my fellow warriors in the on going war against the common enemy, cigarettes!

I am barely out of my teens & already notice how 4 years of smoking has really damaged my health, fitness & general well being. I am once again attempting to quit (maybe my fourth time in 16 months) but this time, I am determined!

I am from London, work as a barman in south west London which actually makes it a lot more difficult as most of my colleagues smoke, not to mention the customers. It's a real struggle. I'd just like to know what keeps you motivated? How long has it been? What changes have you noticed? I am really interested in reading all replies.

Also, when speaking on this subject publicly I often get "you haven't smoked long enough kid, try giving up after 30 years", & I totally respect I am not even close to a lot of fellow ex-cigarette smokers record, but this is all the more reason why I wish to give up. The longer you continue this habit, the deeper the hole gets & I'm desperate to get out before it's too late.

Oh, and I'm Ryan by the way, nice to meet you all & you'll be seeing a lot more of me!

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Hello Ryan AntiSalmon,

A big welcome to the forum from me. :)

Yes, it's extra hard when you're surrounded by smokers but if you're determined enough you can do it and we shall certainly do everything we can to help you. There are a few forum regulars whose family members mainly smoke- Buttercup Syrup springs to mind- or who live in countries where it is acceptable to smoke and where almost everybody does, and I'm sure they can give you some tips to set you on course.

Well done for kicking it into touch now rather than when you are older. You're far wiser than I was at your age. Good on you! :)


Good luck with your quit it while your young an before real damage sets in.....I wish I had too instead of kidding myself I was going to quit sometime soon...I never did.:

Until now of course 40 yr later:rolleyes:

Hello Ryan and welcome. I echo what everyone else says and good on you for quitting now as I don't think it matters if you have smoked for thirty years or thirty days, once hooked it takes determination to quit. ;) It's hard to say what motivates me, I had so many reasons for quitting in the first place then add all the benefits I've noticed since stopping I am now finding it easy to stay quit. A lot of members have posted lists of the smoking pro's and con's - have a look around the threads, there is loads of good motivational stuff on here. :cool:

Hi Ryan

Smoking is smoking, whatever the number of years you have been addicted. When I first joined this website, the honestly thought smoking was a habit, but it is an addiction - hence you are an addict. So kind of the years don't matter because they have taken over. I had been a smoker for some 44 years and it was hard, just as hard for my husband who did it 25 years ago. He says he wakes up after having dreamt of them! We are like ex-alcoholics, once a smoker, always a smoker, so always vigilant not to light up again.

Your mindset will get you through. All of us here can waffle on and tell you how good it is to stop, but only YOU can stick with it, appreciate that it is The Right Thing to stop.

Be strong. Be brave. You are not alone.

Believe in your strength, you will prevail....... IF YOU WANT TO!

Best of luck


Hi Ryan

May you be with us long enough to look back at the title of your post and smile as you realise the Mission Impossible has become firstly Mission Possible and secondly Mission Achieved

Good luck


Hey Ryan :)

Good to meet you and fairplay for making the decision to quit particularly with loads of smokers round you 24/7, agree with all of the above, if u can do it now so much the better before u look round it will be a tenner a pack for fags :eek: so even if not for your health think of the wedge you"ll save!

I had been smoking 26 years, I'm 38 so yh pretty gross to think I started at 12! Obviously I wasnt buying packs of twenty back then :D I was nicking a few from my dads packet and going thirds on a pack of 10 with friends.... God so silly looking back now....I have made 5 feeble attempts and 2 serious ones, I failed the last serious one but I am onto a winner now, mainly because as firefly said smoking is an addiction rather than a habit and now that penny has finally dropped I am finding it easier.

There are up and down days, sometimes some really down days but you just need to get stubborn with it and not give in :) I'm using patches this time and it's working well, Best of luck for your quit, post on here and read loads there is an abundance of useful information on the forum plus it keeps you occupied :) good luck mate :) x

Brilliant decision :):):):)

Many congrats on your quit

Addicts are addicts but you sound like you are one of us bound for the Penthouse. Do you know what that means? :):)

If not one of us will explain. You are in for a treat of a journey :)

The penthouse? Care to explain? Sounds interesting :)

Thank you everyone for your replies, I was planning on replying to them all individually but I got a lot more replies than I imagined! Just what I needed after a 6 hour shift, in which I must be honest I was extremely close (like, 'offered a fag, took it & gave it back' close) to caving in, but you'll all be proud to hear I kept away! I had a ice cold glass of water, a chewing gum & polished some wine glasses to keep me occupied.

I am so proud of myself, day 1 is complete!! You guys honestly make it seem worth the effort too, it's so easy in the moment to think "yeah, I'll have one I haven't smoked all day" but all I thought was I have to do it for the forum & it worked! I am hoping it'll continue to be my motivator too :D

this forum is a great help & I'll be sure to recommend to everyone I know wanting to quit.

Again it was a pleasure reading all of your replies, much much appreciated & now it's onwards to day 2 for me, I'm feeling prepared :cool:

Hi Ryan

May you be with us long enough to look back at the title of your post and smile as you realise the Mission Impossible has become firstly Mission Possible and secondly Mission Achieved

Good luck


Very simple but effective line Mina, I will remember this & some day, it will be mission achieved :D

read through all your replies a second time, for extra motivation & so I can remember all your points & who each of you are, again appreciate them all! This one post just stood out in particular, probably because of its simplicity.

Welcome Ryan,

First, I remember well in my 20. Tried to stop and did not make it. At the time we could smoke in office and the teachers smoked in classroom. So I know how your struggle with all the smokers around you. The good thing now is that there is help and support if you need it.

Drug is drug who cares about the time addiction. Since your a barman, you see alcoholic. Do you honestly think it is harder for a young alcolo to stop than an old ?nope the method in the AA is the same around the world.

The changes I have seen so far:

I can dance longer the Salsa with fast beat without my heart pumping, out of control. Not a problem to dance 1h30 minutes without stopping. Think about it, a lot of girls thinks dancing is very sexy in a man so you can charm them:D Well I find that sexy since I am a teen.

I haven't had chest pain since I stopped. That was my main first biggy motivator when I stopped on the 17th. I take the cig= I die. :eek:

I do not cough in the morning anymore.

I am better skin (more rosy) good for a girl but I notice that my hubby who stopped smoking has better skin, and since he sleep better he doesn't have big bags under his eyes. So he is better looking.:D

I was able to climb the highest temple in the Yucatan Mexico , rappel 40 feet into a water cave and diving with a tank in the sea (first time) This I could not have done while smoking...and this in 7weeks.

SO yes it is very hard at times but so worth it to live life to its fullest.

By the way, I did not have chest pains in my 20, could dance 4 hours before stopping but I did not have the money to spend on fag as a student. I have wanted to stop for the last 30 years. I have been feeling guilty and ashamed for the last 30 years.

We all have our personal reason as a trigger to stop. What is yours?


Interesting read, your trip to Mexico sounds really interesting I've always wanted to visit there! Glad you've enjoyed quitting, & have noticed differences that's always great to hear.

I quit because of that muggy feeling you get after smoking, I can't quite explain it, and you may even feel slightly ill. I've noticed it takes energy out of me, I find it harder to work on busy nights. Also, there's a small heart condition that runs in my family, just palpitations they're fairly common but when I smoke I notice I get them a lot more which is very uncomfortable.

Also, I just don't like being a slave to it, I want my old healthy active self back! :D

Probably the best decision of your life Ryan so good call.

As an aside, I often wonder why the films/TV Mission Impossible was called 'Mission Impossible' when they always pulled off the job. Really it should have been called "Mission Tricky and Difficult but Possible" lol

Thank you John.

Haha that's a good point actually :p


Always think of your main reason to quit when the little devil Nic is there.

Palpitation is scary ...been there, no longer there.

Also have family history : grand-mother, mother and sister.

I don't really count my grand-mother and mother but my sister had a pace maker at 57. Hum, it makes you think.

Hang in there, the first days are the worst.


Is it because of not smoking you're "no longer there"?

It sure is scary, really uncomfortable & it makes me really aware of myself, sort of reminds me all it takes is for my heart to give up & that's the end. Got to look after it, no more abusing & poisoning it.

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Just that :cool:

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