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Hello day 1, its me again!


I'm back to day 1 after succumbing to the temptation in a moment of lack of focus and strength. No excuses, just caved in like a wet cardboard box. I will however give you the context as it may prompt advice. I had gone almost 3 days off the cigs and then on friday night I had lots of people over (daughters 13th b'day weekend) most of which are smokers. Spirits were high and all was good in the world apart from the nagging inside of me. I was gagging for a cig after i had a beer and the smell was all around me as were people puffing away without a care in the world. I guess i just thought " sod it, i dont want to ruin my weekend by worrying and pining after a cig so ill have some and start again on Monday" - and here I am. It wasn't like like i couldnt resist, it was more like i couldnt be bothered to resist - does that make sense?

So, here i am back on day 1 feeling disappointed but raring to go again. Problem is, its my sons 11th this weekend........ luckily though, not so many people are coming over and i cant drink anything as i am driving a lot this weekend.

Any help or thoughts please.....................

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Have you thought about going to a smoking cessation clinic to discuss what help there may be available to you?

The first time I quit, 30 years ago, I used to keep sneaking the odd one and of course felt awful about it, but still did it. I wanted to be a non-smoker more than I wanted to be a smoker. I realised I wasn't fooling anyone but myself by having these odd ones and one day just decided that was it and I didn't have another for 15 years or so...

...when I made the daft decision to just have one after dinner on holiday. Fatal. There began another 15 years as a smoker and I just could not find the motivation to stop again even though I loathed myself, the habit, the smell, the way it controlled my life so I could fit my fix in. And what benefits did it give me? None.

But it's a funny thing, smoking.I don't think it's as much about nicotine addiction as it is about the ritual habits of reward and comfort we think we are getting from lighting up a stick of tobacco.Rationally we know it's stupid don't we? But what I think we are trying to overcome is the OCD ness of smoking if that makes sense and that's where the support from the clinic has helped me start a quit for the third time.

Hi Becky, i did once go along to a cessation clinic and to be honest it wasn't for me as they (unknowingly) put too much pressure on me. They made us blow in to a tube which measures your carbon monoxide levels thus "checkin up on us". i just could handle that pressure so politely excused myself and apologised.

I have tried:

Zyban - had to come off as span me out and was dangerous (for me) as couldnt drive etc

Patches - every combination imaginable

Inhalators - didnt work at all as it mimmicked the action of smoking and i couldnt get my head around it

gum amd lozenges - disgusting

I am now commited to CT through the good times and the bad.

Dosent matter wot NRT the doctored can give. They all still need will power and that wot ur lacking.

Just keep trying u will soon crack it

Totally agree Shelley. It all comes down to will power in the end.

I know what you mean magic, quitting is stressful and sometimes we feel like a "holiday" from it all cos its hard work :rolleyes: I smoked the end of a friends fag last weekend and next thing I new I was in the shop buying a pack :mad: so it just shows we really can't have just that one puff or two. Am ok again now though and back into day 2 with no craving at all :D so this thing is doable, we just have to keep trying till we make it :)


Hi Magic -

I have to agree that one way or another, will power has to play a part in this. At times in the quit, and more so early on, we are going to come up against big tests. You saw it coming, you knew you were going to be tempted. There's no miraculous way to get through these moments, we just have to grit our teeth and make the right choice.

Easier said than done, I know :)

The good news is though, that a social situation like that may be a big trigger but that's all it is - a trigger. If you get through a couple of situations like it without a smoke, it does become much easier. There isn't a trigger that can't be broken.

Keep going. You can do this!


ha ha karri, love it! your advice is sound as ever. Good luck with the upcoming quit. your input has been invaluable to me so id love to see you succeed. go for it!!!!

Thanks for all of your replies. I know i'm not weak because im am here tryng to change, just maybe weaker than some of the really strong people we have on here.

I agree i need a plan for this weekend. The plan as it stands is not to drink as i cant anyway. I also agree i am wiser now and know what the pitfalls are.


hi have you tryed alan ALLEN CARR'S EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING book helped me loads good luck

I am about half way through it clare. Its really good and thought provoking.

Im going to read more tonight.


Hi Magic

I'm 8 days into this and loving it mostly but also having my 'feeling cheated' moments. Todays not a great day but so what, I haven't lit up. The only difference between this and countless other quits is that I really, really want it for me. When future social occassions or Fag Opportunities as i call them pop in to my head I just use the logic that the time isn't here yet so why fret. Those immediate fag opportunities that have come when I wanted to say sod it and why not, I've just thought it through to how crap I'm going to feel at yet another failure.

Keep coming back as they say

Hi magic - the one thing/method which has, so far, worked for me when I feel overwhelmed by those cravings/can't-be-bothered-to-resist/oh what the hell it's all too difficult and I deserve a break moments is ...

... I tell myself OK, if you think you want one then you can have one. But what will you do in 10 minutes time? When it's gone up in smoke? And the choice is either light another one, and another one, and another one ..... or go back to where you are now?

It is easier to say no to ONE than to the many that will inevitably follow. I admit that our other friend, Mr Alcohol, can blur the picture somewhat, but if you keep the general frame in mind, it may help ...

Hope so, anyway!



Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

a familiar pattern

Hi Magic

First of all - brilliant that you got back on the wagon so quick - probably down to your wonderfully philosophical approach.

I would guess that most (all?) members, whatever stage of stopping they are at, have experienced the 3 day stop start quit on many occasions. I think they are like practice quits, you stop for 3 days, smoke for a period, and so on and eventually you hit the big one and that's it for good... no more fags. I have had dozens of those over the years of being a smoker, and in fact for long periods of time it was how I smoked (2 days on, one day off, 3 days on, 2 days off, etc). The thing that got me so determined to stop this time was the fact that I was no longer able to do that (I was wanting a ciggie within minutes of waking up - whereas as a younger smoker I didn't used to be able to smoke until midday).

It sounds as if you're really determined Magic and again I really like your philosophical approach.

Good luck and keep going.

Lauren :)

Thanks for your replies. Some seriously wise owls on here.... its really great to share all of these things with people....

Again, I love here-we-go's philosophy on decision time. So good, ill remember that.

Also, cant remember who said it but i like the "choose your pain" approach.


Thanks Lauren, appreiate your time and comments.

i just hope this is not another practice run :)

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