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Good Lord I have depressed myself

I was looking on the web tonight, you know how we do, info and strategies to stay non smoking. Anyway having recently been diagnosed as having COPD I thought I would start to look up how not smoking was helping with that.

Ive just realised I dont know anything about my illness, I dont know what stage Im at, I have no idea what my forced exhalation volume is, how long I may have left, because it does kill. Ive really scared myself.

Ive scared myself out of picking up a cigarette again thats for sure, but Im also scared by how little I know. I didnt ask any relevant questions, I was told I have copd and to stop smoking, I was given a prescription for spiriva and ventolin and that was it.

Im going to make an appointment at the copd clinic and write down a list of the questions I need answers to, I need to know these things, I really am scared, I havent even thought about it that much.

One thing I do know is that NO matter what I will never ever put one of those damn things in my mouth ever again!

lillie xx

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i know doctors always get annoyed about people reading facts off the internet as a diagnosise is usually more defined than the broad spectrum u read on the internet

easy to say i know but try not to scare yourself with what u are reading and see wat they say at your appointment about u as an individual

keep us posted on the outcome


Hey Boo

I know youre right and I should wait until Ive talked to someone who really knows. It was just awful reading things like most people caught in the early stages will last a decade.

Now Ive calmed myself a little bit Ive also realised that the majority of people with COPD arent diagnosed until a lot later in life, so in reality I have quite a way to go and that means more time to look after my lungs.

I feel a bit silly now as I wrote that post straight off the bat without waiting to process anything.

Ahh well silly me but that you for your speedy reply it means a lot

lillie xxx


Hi Lillie,

After reading your post and knowing nothing about COPD :confused:

I thought I would educate myself a little (dangerous pastime I

But I thought I just reply with a section I found regarding treatment of COPD

Unfortunately it seems that once diagnosed the damage caused is pretty much irrepairable :(

However.... By QUITTING SMOKING.... you can pretty much prevent any worsening of the disease :D If your only treatment is an 'inhaler' my guess is that you have early stage ?

The article I read says 'stopping smoking in early stage COPD may be the only treatment needed'

That's enough reason to STAY STRONG and STAY OFF the fags !

See info below :


How can the course of the disease be altered?

Stop smoking. This is the single most important piece of advice. If you stop smoking in the early stages of COPD it will make a huge difference. Damage already done to your airways cannot be reversed, but stopping smoking prevents the disease from worsening. It is never too late to stop smoking, at any stage of the disease. Even if you have fairly advanced COPD, you are likely to benefit and prevent further progression of the disease.

Your cough may get worse for a while when you give up smoking. This often happens as the lining of the airways 'comes back to life'. Resist the temptation to start smoking again to ease the cough. An increase in cough after you stop smoking usually settles in a few weeks.

Stopping smoking is the most important treatment. No other treatment may be needed if the disease is in the early stage and symptoms are mild.

If symptoms become troublesome, one or more of the following treatments may be advised. (Note: treatments do not cure COPD. Treatments aim to ease symptoms. Some treatments may prevent some flare-ups of symptoms.)


Hope that helps to make you feel a bit happier Lillie ?

Go to the COPD clinic and find out as much as you can.

That's the end of Dr Dragon's medical posting for today :p




Hiya dad smoked for 40+ years and was diagnosed with COPD more than 10 years ago. This was the reason he also gave up cigarettes when was diagnosed. He's ok, just needs his inhaler now and again. I'm not gonna peruse the internet for any more info. Lesson learn't for me LOL! Wait til you go to the clinic, thanks for your support earlier.

Lisa X


Thanks Jay

I think I just overreacted.

lillie(the insomniac) xx


Hiya Lisa

Thanks for the info, good to know that giving up really is the best treatment as dragon also says just above.

As for the support, thats why we are here to support one another:D so you are welcome anytime. Karrie thank you too for sharing.

lillie ( still an insomniac) xxx


Can't sleep either

Lillie, just noticed you're an insomniac....since you're up heh heh. Is it best to lie in bed and see if you drop off (getting frustrated doing this tho) or get up and do something. I'm really tired though after yesterday night escapade but can't sleep :(



They say a drop of whiskey can help you sleep

just kidding :eek:

Hope your feeling happier now ;)

I'm the same, can't sleep..... sat up in bed with lappy

I'm getting up to make a brew... (caffine, that will help :rolleyes:)


To my fellow insomniacs,Im with dragon(in mindset lol) watching tv and on my laptop switching between amazon, facebook and here.

You are probably judging yourself, I know when I have gotten drunk in the past Ive lain awake the following night going ove and over why I did it. Dont, you got drunk in the house, didnt show yourself up so put it behind you. Read a book, count down backwards from 200, put the tv on low and listen to it, it will keep your mind occupied and let you drop off.

If you still cant get to sleep just natter away to us until we all drop off.



Funny that .i coildnt sleep got up made a cup of glad people are talking about copd my mum has it,and has been told to quit shes gone down to one a day last thing at night.i think she thinks whats the point the damage is done now anyway... i think quitting smoking is the best thing for it.smoking just makes us poorly through and through. there is probably lots of things you can do to alleviate symptoms of copd. breathing excercises. relaxation. not smoking..... tired now off for a snooze...



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