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Day 9

Hi All

Day 9 completed in 55min what a miracle , never thought i would get this far, i was a very heavy smoker Roll up tobacco , i know about addiction as drink nearly killed me ,but AA saved my life and ive been sober 23years , now tobacco looks like it wants to kill me ,passed out twice at the new year with flu coughing that bad, fag was still in hand burning away , smoking the black market tobacco in the last year the tobacco has changed there is no way its golden Virgina its rotten passed out last year with bout of coughing caused by the tobacco , the year before there was a lump on the underside of my tongue caused by smoking yet went into hospital and got it cut out , walking out of hospital with my mouth numb the other half said "look at you " i had a roll up hanging out of my mouth , all that and i still smoked , been of fags nearly 9 days as said and havnt coughed for the last 4 days so i think that tells me something , i dont work and alot of my money goes on tobacco , today instead of a empty wallet ive got £20 in it so any time i think of a fag i open my wallet and gaze at the £20, two crisp tenners feel like a politician, there the only ones with money nowadays so bring on day ten

all the best


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Good for you Rab - I'm on day 10, having a pretty rough day but hoping I get over it soon.

I usually go into work with a fiver in the back of my purse to buy smokes with but since I stopped the same fiver has been in the back of my purse! Had I been still smoking, I would've spent around 80 quid on them, but far better to have it in my pocket thanks very much!!! :) xx


Rab, that's fantastic. Keep it up. If you can kick the drink you can kick this too. When you look back and see what it was like to be really in the grip of addiction, you must be so proud of where you are now.

Great going. Enjoy those nice crisp tenners, and now you can look forward to a few more of them!



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