No Smoking Day
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Day 9 and feeling fine

:D Was back to work after half term today. Was dreading how I'd cope even though I never smoked at work. I just thought I'd have to battle so many triggers like the last fag before leaving for work and the first one when I got home. It wasn't half as bad as I anticipated and I did have a chat with my manager about it just to warn her I might be bad tempered due to lack of sleep. She was cool and politely said "I never even knew you smoked". She must have the worst sense of smell:confused:

So all good here. Another bonus is the new 16 hr Nicorette patch I'm using is stickier than Nicotinell 24 hr ones. Its still in the same place where i put it this morning. Here's hoping they don't upset my sleep as much.

Hope alls well in your smoke free worlds x

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Nice one Pisky,

I'm glad it was easier than you expected... It could have been a whole lot worse. It was a good idea to tell your boss too, at least they will be prepared LOL. But saying that, you seem so calm and relaxed about everything. Your doing brill, keep up the good work :)


Thats Cool Pisky, and your right , it is not half as bad as it really is most times, i think its just the fear in people that make it sound/feel worse than it really is, keep going strong you and good luck :)


Well done Pisky! You are doing great! Keep it going one day at a time:)



You are doing brill! Way to go, well done:)

Fi x


Cheers chaps. :) :)


Sorry I call everyone "chaps" regardless.

Cheers chaps and chapesses:)


And he's off! Pisky beware, he's a menace!:D

Ha! I'd already figured that ....can spot a menace a mile off.


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