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Day 9 -The Struggle Continues

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One tough, stubborn little B@stard - yes, I am talking about myself :D I have made it to day 9 and started to think I should stop boring you all with my daily posts now.

Anyway, I was back to college last night, first time since I stopped smoking. For some reason I find it tough doing something for the first time without smoking. Last night was tough. The drive from work to college, the waiting around before college started, break time at college, going home from college. So yeah, college was tough, you get the idea. But I did get through it, and hopefully next time I'm at college it will be even easier.

It is getting easier and easier to just "brush" the thought away. I can't really say its a craving as such, its just the thought of "Yeah, I could really do with a smoke right now" or "I used to smoke whilst I was doing this" which can be quickly told where to go. It just seems like a long process of re-teaching myself how to do stuff without smoking. If only my stupid head would hurry up and realise that I DONT smoke anymore.

Yeah, yeah Mr Sub-Concious, you have been used to it for 13 odd years. Get over it mate, sh!t happens, times change, and this is for the benefit of both of us, now stop whinge-ing in my ear and get used to it!

Wow, so I went from saying I'm not really going to post a new topic every day to ending up rambling away and talking to myself.

I'm not really mental, I promise LOL

How's everyone else today? I hope you all are kicking the sh!t out of the beast. Remember kids, its all in the mind. He has taken control of your mind and you are re-claiming it back for yourself. NO more brainwashing.

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Keep posting.!!!!!

Thats an order from an irate woman lol

Your doin great xx

Thank you Kat & Chrissy, it means a lot.

Thank you Max, I love hearing from you everyday :)

You always have some great words of wisdom which always give me a boost.


You're spot on. This is what I was trying to describe in my response to your first ever post (I think it was you!). The first time you encounter a situation where you would have smoked, the urge to light up will be triggered. You just have to grit your teeth. The next couple of times you go to college you might feel it a bit. After that, it will pass. Another trigger, done and dusted.

Even some way down the line if you go somewhere or do something or feel an emotion that you haven't encountered since quitting, you'll probably have the same experience (this is why things like holidays and funerals can really knock people sideways). As long as you understand that these triggers will come along and you're prepared for them, they're not that hard to deal with and they won't trip you up.

You're doing great. You should be really proud of yourself!



Yes I think I remember reading the reply - sorry the first few days of my quit are like blur. I barely remember anything, just remember trying to hold on and not go insane LOL

I totally agree and understand what you were trying to tell me now, and i will be extra prepared for anything that I do for the first time without smoking.

Thank you for your support :)

Don't stop posting pleeeeeease!! You're more or less at the same stage as me and your posts have been so good to read for that reason.

Keep posting and keep going :)

Thanks Pisky, yes you must be a day ahead of me, I like reading your threads too, it keeps me going :) and its good to have someone at a similar stage :)


Double figures almost, way to go, well done:)

And yes, the situation of 'the firsts' can be very daunting, but I promise you, these situations gets easier.

Fi x

Craig, you are doing just great! Keep it going, stay strong you can do this!:)

Keep up the good work Craig. It sure is a hard habit to break. Now you know your triggers its right, you can be prepared for them now and distract yourself by doing something else instead, before you know it you will have forgotten the times you used to smoke. I struggle more with good news! Sounds crazy but when im happy about something my mind automatically thinks i'll go out for a fag! Its only a passing thought and goes straight away but lets me know i always. Have to be on my guard.

Now im going on a bit ,haha.

Yes keep posting, it helps us all. :)

Ah your getting better at this Craig, one day at a time m8, i find singing songs in my head help a lot when i get the urge, pop a chewing gum in ur gub too that helps, anything at all to get away from what you used to do, it can only get easyer and easyer with less and less cravings in between, good luck fella :)

Thanks again everyone :)

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