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Day 9 New Years Day Quiters, Hows it Going?


Im feeling Great :D, I can already feel my lungs clearing out the damage caused by my years of smoking, hopfully my smokers cough will pass soon. Not that I had a smokers cough before I started to quit... At least I know its for a good reason now though.

Went to the gym for the first time in about a year and a half last night, and was told I didnt have to pay as I have Silver Membership. I wasnt going to argue with them, even If I havent given them a penny for over a year.... So yay go me.... Free gym membership for life :p

Iv also signed up to the Bristol Half Marathon, taking place in September. So that gives me somthing to work towards, and gives me yet another reason to keep off the evil weed.

Hope your all still hanging in there, as it can only get better from now on.

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Still here - was hard yesterday lots of stressy moments.. New temp job today so will be kept busy - i hope

Well done all who get here


Yea still here day 9.

Bit stressed today got hospital to have cyst cut off. Drinking son is really not very well but must stay strong smoking will not help. Also had words with other half over son. But Will not smoke. Day 9 here I come Linda xxxxxxx

Hi there :). Still here too. Feeling quite good, but finding it pretty hard to concentrate (went back to work yesterday). Hoping that will improve in the next few days.

Well done Blitstz, Jojo and Linda.

What other day niners are around :D?

I'm still here !

I've had 3 good days when I've felt great but today I feel I've gone down a bit, I think I've puffed more this morning already on my Nic Inhalator than I did all day yesterday but I know that's going to happen.

I'm going to have bad days but I keep telling myself that it will never be worse than those first few days last week and I got through them and survived to tell the tale

Keep stronger

Angela xx

My Quit Date: 01/01/2008

I have been quit for 1 Week, 1 Day, 9 hours, 29 minutes and 55 seconds.

I have saved £49.31 by not smoking 209 cigarettes.

I have saved 17 hours and 25 minutes of my life.

marathon! great goal, well done x I too must get back 2 gym. 2 months out, been paying for it! oops

hugs Linda x you are the one thing you can control. Be sure to look after you x x

hope 2day is good for all x

I am good just so happy to be back on track!

I am still here too. Day 9 and feeling good.


Im still here but found yesterday and today so far quite hard.

Im having a job concentrating as my mind keeps wandering off thinking of fags!!!!!!! :mad:

marathon! great goal,

Well Half a Marathon....

Well done everyone, Looks like some of us are suffering more than others, but its all worth it in the end.. And I'm sure we are going to make it together with the support this forum provides :D

Hi all, i'm still here. I found yesterday evening quite hard, but so far today, it hasn't been too bad. Are we all still here from day 1 ? I seem to have lost track. :confused:


I think there are a few missing. I havent seen stressed mum for a few days now. But there are still plenty of us:)

Hi all

Had cyst off two stiches been feeling a little sick and half my head and neck feels numb. Wanted a fag few times today but feel ok now. Not long now gang and we will be on day 10 we are doing really well. Have to think of a nice big treat for our selfs. Linda xxxxxxx

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