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Woweeee, Day 9

Hi everyone,

Haven't had time to come on over the last few days but I am still going strong and into week 2 now. OH and I have been to see the smoking cessation lady tonight and both have a co2 reading of 2 (down from 18) so both doing well.

I haven't been too bad but have been suffering from that empty feeling from time to time. When your insides are looking forward to what would have been the best smoke times. The middle of the afternoon at work and then the moment I left. It took me a little time to realise that this feeling was of looking forward to something that I now don't do lol. I am sure it will pass given time.

Have also had a few moments when I thought this is just too much like hard work (like all good things worth fighting for are sometimes) but on the other hand had no inclination to give in on my quit and start smoking again. This is it and have to remember that anything I suffer from now it is short lived and I can and will get through it.

I hope everyone else is doing well on their journey to freedom :D

Gaynor x

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hey there so happy to hear of you success:D

a big well done!!:)

you have a positive attitude and the right frame of mind and you are working hard at it so you are doing just wonderful..keep it up!!:)


good on you and your OH. Great CO reading as well, my first week, when I was still smoking, I " scored" 26! 2 wks later it was same as you, 2, feels god doesn't it



Thanks Im a quitter.

I am glad you are doing so well. Almost the year for you, just brilliant :D

G x


Thanks gtat,

It is great to see that reading come down like that, you must have been very pleased as well you should.

My OH quit about the same time as you so he has a few more days under his belt then me ;)

G x


Hi Gaynor and many congrats on getting into Week 2:D

I know that empty feeling as well, sort of had it a bit today really, when I found myself looking wistfully at people smoking in the street:rolleyes: But when I really look at those feelings, I find that most of the time it isn't really about wanting a cigarette, a lot of the time it's about being hungry, or just wanting a bit of comfort in some way?? So eat something nice, and hopefully get OH to give you big hugs;) Big hugs from me anyway ((( )))

And even though I am only 6 weeks and 4 days quit I feel like I have regained the fitness level I had about 12 years ago LOL!! Thought I was prematurely ageing, but it was the fags. And I wouldn't swap my newfound energy for a lousy fag, no way Jose:D Am soooo curious now as to see what other improvements are around the corner!!

Stay strong Gaynor,

You can do this.


Zoe xxxx


...just don't kill eachother!!:)


WEll done Gaynor. mmmm that empty feeling been getting it myself in certain situations, they remind me of dr Strangelove. where his left arm keeps shooting out to make a nazi salute and he pulls it back down with the other. if youve never seen the film then do its hilarious. its just years of conditioning and hopefully will get less as time goes by.

mash x


Well done that lady, I am right behind you pushing like hell so dont let me down, but more to the point dont let yourself down.

This time has got to be the ONE.

Every day gets better and better.


Well done Gaynor! :)

I had the empty feeling too, and the feeling of not having that something to look forward too, even though I knew it was false. Especially during the second week, when the novelty starts to wear off and your mind realises this is a big change of routine.

It's mostly gone now, apart from the odd nostalgia moment, which is easy enough to banish :)


Gaynor I am so pleased for you, this has got to be it you sound so positive.

Those empty feelings will go with time I promise it's all about changing your thoughts and routine.

Well done keep going.

Maria. x:)


You are sounding great, Gaynor! Very happy to watch you take this journey, keep on going! Well done!


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