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Day Two

:DWell Guys and Gals this is it Day 2. Still felt a little odd just getting up and making a cuppa, taking the meds i have to on wake up and for this first time in years the nicotine never woke me before 6am i get up at 7.40am which for me is a Ly~in.

I cant believe this is the 2nd full day, mind you i am half a day ahead due to quitting Sunday Morning but thats no big deal, the main thing here is that the Nicotine has nearly all gone now from my body and hopefully now my cravings for the stuff will ease even more.

Dont get me wrong, im not a saint, i have thoughts about what i should be doing but then they go again, i find something to do hence my knitting or crochet. I am also lucky that this week the kiddies are on hols and so is my OH so im extra busy which for the first days is very helpful.

The knitting has calmed down a bit, i made 3 in 3 days at the end of the week but now on the 4th im only 8 inches in on a 6' scarf so my elder son is gonna have to wait im affraid but i will get it done.

I have slept reasonably well whilst taking the Champix, last night had some very vivid dreams, even more real than i used to get but nothing scary unlike the first night when i dreamt i was in a hospital bed, that i was dying and i was trying to get someone to look after my kids and then shaking like i was having a fit or something, i did ask my OH if i shook in my sleep that night and luckily NO i had not but still that was the very first night and so far things have calmed down a bit.

I suppose i dont miss the craving so much when it comes to ciggys, i miss the routine they bring, giving up has meant not just will power but a total change of things i had become used to doing. That is why i decided that i needed something to do. I am not wokring at the mo, im a full time Mum but getting bored when everyone is at work, school and college is my downfall and yes then i get that call of the nicotine devil to come and play and know full well i dont really want it but he made me do it.

Best thing i have done now is to fight this fight and give up, i just wished that my head was clearer in the past when i tried, but that is not going to be a bad thing infact its made me stronger, made me change how i can deal with this addiction, made me more determined that i want to do this and that i can do this, no matter how odd it feels right now because everything has all changed.

I will say to anyone reading my daft day by day account of this, you can do it. Have faith in yourself, you can imagine a life without needing to have that ciggy. No one has said it will be easy and look at me day 2, but remember that for me today and this could be for others thinking about giving up that there is hope for us all.

I have a busy~ish day today, gotta nip out and get the electricians money as we have one coming to do the outside lights, out neighbour will love us cos he has to drill lots of holes and i do wonder if she has done a Night Shift :D, before then Tesco will be bringing my shopping and this week there are NO CIGGIES. I have also set up a savings account to transfer the equivilant into there on what i would have spent on ciggys each week, my cost was 5 packs of Menthol at £4.69 per pack x 5 = 23.45 Per Week so thats what i am going to save now, may as well im not throwing it away now so may as well save for a nice expensive handbag, nah only kidding got lots of those just gonna save it and let it build up.

Just one more thing, i read somewhere that those giving up smoking should take extra Vitamin C because when you smoke the Vitamin C in our bodies is not absorbed properly so to give yourself a boost do take extra daily, i have the soluble ones with extra Zinc in them, quite cheap from Tesco's but try and get that extra boost. Also if your feeling lethergic then try some glucose tabs, they boost your energy and can be chewed when you feel the need for an extra boost, i have not tried those yet but i have read good reviews on the internet somewhere.

Have a great day all and this is to the best thing i have ever done and thats tell Mr Nicotine Devil, I Dont Want you anymore.

Jo x

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Hi Jo,

Thats good your doing well.

I am nearly 2 weeks and can tell you it does get easier.

I think its great your keeping the forum up to date with how thinhs are going.We have all been there and know it is not easy but slowly you are winning keep going.Sell yoyr scarfes on line.

Sell things on e bay easy to do and keep you busy.



Hi Jo,

Well done hunny i think you are doing amazingly and so very positive, which i know is the key to this quitting malarky :D

I too have heard that the glucose tabs are brilliant when giving up. i used them the last time and have totally forgotten about them until now ( thanks)

Stay strong

Snowie xx


Thank you

:)Well Guys and Gals I cant believe that the day has gone so quickly. I have my appt with the nurse in an hour and i can then have my little chat about the tablets and see if the dose can be adjusted from tomorrow and i will let ya all know when i get back what she says.

The day has been great, im getting on with my knitting and i feel quite good today, the only thing i will say is that i must be clearing things out of my chest cos everry so often i feel a little bit stuck but other than that things are hunky dory. :D

My Dad is trying to quit but he is on the inhalator and is still smoking as well, not as many as before i dont think but he is still smoking which i do feel for him and wish that he would try say the Champix, you never know they might work for him too. He has smoked a very long time and i think he is finding it much harder than i am, but saying that its not easy you know, i may seem confident etc and seem to be riding the storm quite well but its early days and you just never know what to expect next. Part of me thinks about them but then i seem to drift away from it and find something else to occupy myself. In the evenings at the moment im having relaxing baths, then doing some knitting and then off to bed, that way im chilling before sleep time and also im not down stairs thinking about them.

The mornings have been weird to say the least mainly because im a 5 minute after i wake up need a cig girl but yesterday and today i think i have coped quite well, even getting up a little later because i dont have the urge for nicotine now. My clothes smell fresher, my hair too, i feel like i have a little more energy but again its early days and i dont want to rock the boat, im all honesty its a little scary because that little nicotine devil has been my best friend for so long now i have to find new friends and thats where this place comes in. You are all there for me whatever the reason even if its only to read my daft day to day experiences because i need to do this account and day by day to help me pass the time and clear my head, also it will help me read back should i start to waver, which im hoping i dont as for me this time its gonna work and i really, truely want it to work and guess what this is for me and only me, no one else, i have not been pressurised, told i have too, think i must save money etc etc NO its because I WANT TOO and thats why this time its going to work. :)

Take care all, i will update later once i have seen the nurse.


Jo x



:)Hi all,

Well been up to see the Nurse and she has taken my Carbon Monoxide Reading, last week it was 12 and today it was "3". :)

I told her that i had my last ciggy on Sunday and she could not believe it, she asked how i was and i said OK no real cravings to be honest and thats why i asked her if i could stay on the .5mg 2x daily for the rest of my course, she said she would but asked me to let her know if i start to get cravings etc as i may have to go onto a higher dose. I promised that if i do experience anything like that then i would get straight back to her.

I also mentioned that i am on 1000mg of Vitamin C plus Zinc each day and she said that was a good idea as smoking stops these vitamins from being absorbed into the blood stream. I will see her weekly and my next appt is next tuesday at 9.45am, i do need to keep seeing her as i feel that if i dont i will lapse back again and i really dont want to do that. She did say that she was very pleased with me and that she could see the determination in me to stay stopped, she said that normally people stop when on the higher dose but she was happy that i knew my own mind and body and that i feel in control and dont want to over do it with the Champix when i feel im doing Ok on the 2x.5mg per day.

Anyhow, i have a very LARGE SMILE on my face :D, and i feel so very proud of myself, in the week of seeing her, being on the tablets only 5 days then to stop is amazing and if i could have a drinkee whilst taking these things i would have one, i cant so a cuppa it is. I would recommend the Champix though to those wanting to quit, i dont know exactly how they work but these are certainly helping me.

I have gone from smoking 18 on Sunday 17th, seeing the Nurse on the 19th, to starting Champix on the 20th to only minimal smokes on Saturday, to 4 Sunday morning and thats it.

Good luck to everyone who is in the same boat, determination is the way forward and there is no such word as FAILURE, cos you just keep trying till you get there in the end.


Jo x


Good grief, how did I miss this today, I have been on and off of here loads. Sorry hun I shall be more vigilant in future lol

Well, it sounds like you have had a good, positive, constuctive day.

Its great news about the champix and staying on the lower dose. I think its the right thing as if you don't feel you need it then you should be able to stay as you are. Don't be a martyr though, if you start to feel like you are stuggling get yourself back to to docs and get your dose increased.

I wish I could knit. I'd love to be able to do it but I can't cast on, or off but thats not as bigger problem as casting on cos without doing that I can't even get started. lol. I have a friend that can do it so I might see if I can get her to teach me.

I'm going to start doing paint by numbers soon. Ordered one today so just got to wait for it to come. It's something I have enjoyed doing since I was a kid so thought I might start it up again. Starting with Van Goghs' Sunflowers, so something simple, you know lol.

You should be really proud of what you have achieved so far. You have come along way from the person who was dreading giving up on the 01st Nov :D

Sian xx


Hi Sian

I could never cast on or off so i looked through the web and found some clips of people showing how its done. I was that determined that i bought the bits i needed, followed the online tuition for casting on and off and away i went. I knew that for this to work for me this time i had to keep busy so thats what i did, i taught myself to cast on last Thursday, cast off on Friday and by Saturday i had made 3 x 5' scarves, now im on a 6' for my eldest boy then i have to make a chunky one for my husband and the time goes quickly and TBH casting on and off is easier than you think, just look in You Tube cos thats where i found my videos to learn.

I did think about painting but i prefer the knitting or crochet, when im ready i will be able to calm down on the making things bit, but for the time being its keeping my hands busy, my mind elsewhere and keeping any thoughts at bay.


Jo x


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