Day two - Smokefree

Hi All,

Into Day 2 now, and feeling, well, not too bad.:) Slept a bit better last night. I am going cold turkey with this - I want that drug out of my system as soon as possible. Am really looking forward to the 72 hour moment, when the nicoteine is all gone - but that's tomorrow and first I've got today to get through. And I will. I will not smoke today. This much I know. It is a joy to get through a whole day, from getting up to going to bed, without a single puff.

And a big plus -- my partner, who has never smoked and is so supportive in all the right ways bless 'er, has already said how it is so much nicer that I don't smell on my clothes, my hair, my breath.

Reckon kisses are better than patches.:D

All the best for everyone, and is especially my fellow Day 2ers.

Stay Strong.


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  • Reckon kisses are better than patches.:D

    It is a good incentive Deke, now, I'm not having to rush around cleaning my teeth 4/5 times a day for an unexpected moment of pleasure. David

  • Hi Deke :)

    On day 2 great well done so pleased you're so upbeat and positive about it & you're partner is being so supportive

    Best Wishes


  • Good going, yes it is very satisfying to get the nicotine out of your system, once and for all. Sounds like you are very motivated

    Best wishes with it, understanding nicotine addiction is a great way of beating it. If you haven't already then browse through and the tales at woofamng, links in my sig.


  • Hi Nic, Marg and David,

    Thanks for the support and tips. Have checked out the sites and find it all really useful. Especially in those moments when I feel a bit less sure about my decision. It all helps to keep me on the right track.



  • Hi, well done you. I agree re CT, I think if I had found this site before I started patches I would definately have given CT a go. I got rid of them after three weeks. Though, it has worked for others on this forum.

    Do you still have teeth to brush token bloke?

  • hi deke congrats on your quit and wellcome to the fourm,,once you get past the 72 hours,,the mind games will start,but just keep a very clear mind,remind your self why you want to stop smoking,,here are just a few

    blood pressure ok


    breathing will get easier

    no nictine in your body

    carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body

    how good does that sound to you deke,,and your sex life enproves :D

    so you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D

  • Do you still have teeth to brush token bloke?

    Yes I bloody well have lol, not telling you how many though. David

  • Yes I bloody well have lol, not telling you how many though. David

    we dare you to tell us how meany:D

  • I have enough to eat my chocs and cakes, but not enough to chase salted peanuts around my mouth. David

  • Hi David :D

    That reply reminds me of my Granny when we as kids would ask how old she was she always said

    As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth HA HA



  • As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth HA HA

    Hiya Marg

    I remember people saying the same round here. When anyone asks me at the centre how old I am I put 10 years on, then they all say, "Don't you do well, you look 10 years younger" Love. David xxx

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