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Yay day two!!!


I woke up this morning (day 2) and felt really good! my first thought wasn't cigarettes....i don't even want one! occupying myself today with exercise classes (to burn off yesterdays chocolate!!!) and some retail therapy :D oh and helping my son on LEGO Indianna Jones (i say help....i am more of a hinderence, but he seems to like me joining in!) so far i think i am doing ok, staying positive, reminding myself why i am doing this, trying to embrace the changes and cravings as the first few steps on a positive and exciting journey....and i am determined to keep it up!!! I think the main difference to this attempt (the reason i will succeed this time and the reason i have failed before) is i have made a conscious decision that i DO NOT WANT TO SMOKE ever again, so even when i have a "craving" i am telling myself i feel this way BECAUSE i used to smoke.....but i don't anymore and soon i will win, the drugs will lose...i will be free....i am in control...YAY me!!!! now if that doesn't deserve a new pair of shoes nothing does!!! :D x

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done,

As you have realised it is all about the right mental attitude, and realising that you are not sacrificing anything in fact you are gaining a better healthier life.

Well done Helen, you doing so well. I've just quit today, well i had my last fag EVER! at 11.30pm last night.

We can do it eh??

Yay you! well done Philip, keep it up!! we can totally do it, we are taking control!!!! :Dx

Well done Helen, and welcome Phil........keep the faith and theres only one winner.

Well done Helen

You get yourself new shoes you must treat yourself HEHE.xx

Welcome back Phill im also on a new quit day three here. xx

Well Done Helen, the first of many milestones reached (one day)

get yourself a quitcounter. (link below) I like Harry's one!


As each milestone passes you will get a great sense of achievement and as each one approaches, it is an incentive to stay QUIT!!!

Well done Helen - go get those shoes, you deserve it! :)

And just think, the longer you stay stopped, the more money you will have and the more shoes you can buy :) WeeeeeeHeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Helen's Shoe collection in a couple of months......

lol love it! :D xx

Well done Helen.

One day without fags is easy, isn't it? Now all you need to do is the same thing today... and tomorrow...

Congrats and continued good luck :D

Helen's Shoe collection in a couple of months......

And......they contain no calories....:p

haha yeah but i have just done 2 back to back exercise classes this morning so maybe i deserve a few calories aswell? mmmmmm ......danish pastry........yum! ;)

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