Day two

Morning all day two

Yesterday went ok untill the evening got into a big heated debate with my son. He is 30 years old thinks i can sort all is probs out and if i dont say what he want to hear dont like it. anyway almost but never give in must try and get passed this first week and hopfully with no nrt but will use some if get to bad. Step dads funereal today so must go and sort things out. Linda xxxxx

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  • Hope today isn't too traumatic Sweets what with the funeral and stuff. :( Hows your sons house renovations going? Well done on day 2 . You've done all this b4 so you KNOW you can do it!:D

  • Hope your day brings as many smiles and laughter as it does tears x x x x

    Thinking of you and so proud of you for holding on to your decision.

    Many *hugs* and *kisses*

    Love ~Buffy x x

  • Well Done Lindax

    Thinking of you lovely for today - hope things run smoothly for you.

    You are a very strong lady.



  • Stay strong!

    A funeral while trying to quit smoking ~ now that's a tough one! Hang in there

    girl! As far as the son goes~he's a man they never grow up or want to take advice. It is just the way it is! Ya gotta luv em anyway!:D


    Not smoked for: 0Y 4W 1D 5H 3M not smoked: 292 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 78.87. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 23H 22M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM.

  • My thoughts are with you today Linda.

    Hope it goes smoothly.:)



  • I'm eager to hear too :)

    ~Buffy x x

  • Morning all

    day three not to bad so far. everything when well till the evening two of my brothers had a row. I tryed to sort them out and fell flat on my face. Lovely black eye next time i will mind my own biss and let them get on with it. hope alls good with you lovely peeps today linda xxxx

  • Aw Linda >_< poor you, theres always a wee argument at the end, at every family do!!!

    Typical, poor you with your eye :( glad it went well otherwise and good to see you still hanging on in there


    ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks Buffy

    must say dont feel to bad for my third day maybe I can do it with no nrt saying that last time day 4 & 5 were bad. But just taking few steps at first.

  • Indeed x x glad you feel confident x x but be easy on yourself! :D

  • hi Linda

    sorry to hear about your eye. Men huh?! Congrats on day3 .stay strong sweetie.

    Karen x

  • Linda hun!!! :) It's so good to see you back!

    But also, awww poor you caught in the middle of a fight :( I hope you'll be fine! you were SO supportive to me when I first came here I just hope i can be helpful to you a little bit at least. HUGS.

  • THank you all you are a really lovely lot of people. well its 3 45 in the morning I must of been up and down about 8 times. Thought i come on here for 5 mins then try and get hour need to be up at 5 for work. See you all in day 4 Nite Nite Love Linda xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Just got back from school job. Day 4 not to bad so far just off to clean two houses come and see how your all doing later. Linda xxxx

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