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Month 3, day 4: High temp & Long night ahead...


Month 3, day 4 (midnight.. and long night ahead)

Well tonight has been a bit of a worry somewhat.. got home from work to find my daughter (2 year old), not her usual self.. in fact.. not running around, not making her usual noise, and no tantrum.. nothing.. seemed to be really tired.. wanting lots more hugs n cuddles etc.. but more worryingly.. i noticed she was really hot of temparature on her forehead.

Anyway, managed to take her temp properly after several failed attempts where she just pushed the thermo away from her mouth etc. took a reading of 38.2 degree's celcius.. which i think is over 100 degs Fahrenheit.

Thats fever for sure.. so we've been trying to get her temp down and then give her some calpol etc to try to keep the temp down once there. seems to have lowered a bit now, but she's woke every half hour so far since being put to bed.

Might be a long night ahead. I'll see how she is in the morning and contact the docs if no improvement.

I know this aint quit related.. but if i'm don't post as much tomorrow it will be because of lack of sleep tonight.


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Aw bless, sure she will be ok Jase:)

Hope your little one is feeling better this morning, there is lots of bugs going about at the moment with the weather being so changable. My little grand daughter who is two is having the same thing and when taken to the dr is told it is to be expected at this time of year which doesnt really help does it :mad:

Daughter seems to be fine this morning, woke twice in the night but that was all.

Temp is down to seeminly normal levels, so my fiancé is going to keep an eye on here today.

Good so far today though

hmm spoke too soon, went home for dinner.. daughter is streaming with a cold of sorts, and is boiling hot high temp again.

I'm keeping a close eye on this now, with all the 'scares' that have been in the media since early may.. i'm more concerned she's caught something from the nursery she started at during this last week.

I've asked my fiancé to take no chances and to contact the docs on it tbh. I do worry though, the media stirred everyone up into a frenzy over that swine flu thing, and so far my daughter has 4 of the symptoms listed.. and no idea whether she's got headache or her limbs ache etc because she can't say them words yet.

Hi Jase

I'm so sorry your little girl is poorly and hope she is better very soon


Marg xxxxxx

Thinking about you and your little one.


hey jase,

all the best for your littl'en - full of germs those play groups, hopefully just a case of freshers flu - but you can phone the nhs direct and they can do the checks for swine flu with you. doesnt hurt to be safe i guess.

hope you get her better asap.

congrats on the 3 months as well btw. :D


Well tonight daughter does seem in much better form. playful again, temp down.. and eating/drinking. Going to see how the little one goes now i think when she's gone half a day back to usual self then i stop worrying :).. ahh the joys of being a dad :)

Hi Jase

I'm so pleased the little one is feeling better and more like her normal self now

Try not toworry to much although I know how hard it is when the little ones are poorly



Hi jase , Glad ure little girl feeling better. I find it so stressful when my little boys are ill, I can just about deal with everything else but that & even more when its a guessing game with whats wrong with them coz they cant tell you properly!!! x

take care n hope alls well in quit :)

Yeah its horrible, you just want to take their illness from them and suffer it yourself. Its made worse when they absolutely will not take their medicine, and will not let you take a thermometer check without putting up a fight.

My big worry is this damn swine flu thing thou.. the news has gone a bit quiet on it, but it don't mean its just gone away.. its as tho its spread that much now they don't seem to monitor it much at all, so folk and parents have no idea if its safe to send their kids just to nursery or whatnot.

I'm new to this parenting thing, only got the 1 and at 2 years old she's now at an age where she's actually really cute n stuff, and i am lookin out for her as i should :)

hi jase, yeah i can fully understand the swine flu worry, my boys are 2(almost 3) & 5 years old, & neither have had chicken pox yet, so at the height of the swine flu, chicken pox was also about & with the symptoms being similar. I was dredding them getting any symptoms & having to decide whether i thought it was swine flu or chicken pox, luckily ive not at to make that decision as yet.

& yes 2 is a lovely age, because i think its a stage of changing from youre baby into this little person who knows a lot more then they say & actually fights back over medicines :D sorry ive had lots of trouble with medicines over the years, sticky calpol all over usually me!!! & the yellow antibiotic urgh now that has got to be the worse (horrible taste for a child!!)

But if you have any doubts or worries however small, go to the doctors or hospital or out of hours, with my first i used to think argh what if im overeacting etc etc, But now i dont give a stuff - if im worried i see a doctor. We pay for the service so we should use it. Sorry im not meaning to be patronising just the nhs system annoys me a hell of a lot, just a pet hate i suppose x

hope you all have good rest tonight x:)

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