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Month 3: day 4 I am c3po :)


In quite a bit of pain today.. nothing at all to do with smoking either. I've got a right backache between my shoulder blades and can hardly move much. Took me a while getting into and out of my car to get to work and must have looked like C3PO when i was making observations at junctions :)

Anyway, i've found two peeps at work who are both quitting smoking, and they were both on day 3/4 of their quits.. i've told them both if they need to let off a bit of steam to come find me.. given them some nice handy hints too to help them through a bit.. and lent one my Allen Carr book as she was needing that extra bit of written support.

Also let them have a few nice web sites ;) to go look at.. but whether they will or not is entirely up to them.

Its nice to give folk hope.. a guy at work here was the same 'hope' that i looked up to and thought, i want to be that positive, and now i'm where he was.. and to be able to pass that on is great. I hope they succeed, i really do.. but i wont' flood their head with all sorts, they got enough to deal with .

So anyway, i'm sat here like C3PO from star wars.. trying to do a normal days work but not very well hehe

Quit wise, i'm coping ok.. still a bit of problem with sleep .. waking up at silly times but nothing as bad as before.. coping. I'm keeping month 3 in focus this month in case of the '3's'.

hope everyone else is fine.





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Hi Jase :D

Sorry to hear you're in pain today with that bad back not fun as I know all to well

If it doesn't sort itself out soon go see the Dr

Glad everything OK quit wise and well done helping the 2 people at work who quit


Marg xxx

Hope you feeling better soon and weldone on your quit.

Its so helpfully hearing from people who have gone through what you are. Bet they will find things easier just hearing from you about how you got that far.

! .....................................................?

Hi jase sorry you are in pain, what was you doing in your sleep last night to get up like that :rolleyes: Try some of the relaxation stuff you use for your quitting it might help cos if you are like me when I get a pain I tend to tense up and it makes it a lot worse.

Hope you start to feel better as the day goes on x

Chrissie are you referring to this?

Only from what i can tell i have replied, and so has marg. In fact we are continuing to help Oli through atm.


As your reply on this thread was kind of 'capitalised' and with abruptness.. just wanted to be sure i'm looking at the right post ?

Ok i'm off out for a walk, getting quite a major crave coming on so off to listen to the birds chirrup in the trees.

No no. don't worry, lots of things just not clicking true today.. not your fault.

I'm fine now.. its a gorgeous day outside, so went and sat in the garden at work which is surrounded by lots of trees where loads of birds sing all day long, i defy anybody not to relax there.

But no. i'm having an awful day today at work, too may jobs all relying on deliveries which never materialised until 1 hour ago, which is 3/5th's into my day, so now somehow i am expected to complete a full days work in 2/5th's of the day. Hence stress. Your post did make me kinda wobble a bit.. but not so much that i can't cope.. i just decided along with the stressy day i would go relax for 5 mins as i'd been running around work all morning with little time to do much for myself too.

That said though, on the thread i linked? did i get the right one? because I definitely didn't say anything there which suggested 'you must go to day 1'.. what i said was i cannot make that call, its not my place to. It needs to stay at that 1 though because of the way nicotine works. I did alot of reading about nicotine recently, and its certainly made me see 'having 1' as being even more of a no-no than i did before, i can see now why that 1 cigar i had last christmas set off such chain-reaction within me leading to me going off the rails and worse.

I did however say that the person should keep away from all sources of temptation for a while and definitley not make my mistake of buying some should an urge arise.

Nicotine is a bloody evil drug.. i'm amazed the governments can live with themselves allowing it to be so freely sold and yet they will hound and even imprison folk for being in possession of other substances out there.

I haven't been on the wii in over a week and a bit now :o

Only thing i could think of was the new car has different seating in it, so perhaps i'm must not used to it yet. The new seats are very comfy n stuff, but i preferred the cushioning on my previous car for some reason.. not sure why :)

Love the new car tho.. the seat controls are all electronic so i'll get them spot on i think before setting off home today.

and the wii? that will have to wait now until i'm over this backache.. i'm 6ft 2" in height, so I think its like a condition of tall folk :)

anyway, i go home soon :) get to drive again.. yayy !!

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