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nicotine free today 11 week & 3 days


hi all, i decided that since i was having a bit of trouble building myself up to the date of when my patch is no longer part of me, i decided to try today & yes its been fine, i havent felt that much different mood wise, just extremely tired...i did keep my patches over on a just incase coz i kind of thought it wasnt like keeping a pack of fags when u first quit(not quite as tempting).....i am pleasantly surprised, so will the nicotine be completely gone in 3days? why 3 days? does that mean i will feel bad in 3 days? I hope not as i am so very proud of myself for today, not told my OH yet as i dont want him to look too much into how im being (if u can understand?)

thank you all, i feel like ive come such a long way & achieved so much, & a lot of it has been down to this forum, even stupid little worries where taken on board & replied too, i love it , long may we continue xx

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Well done you! Keep going hehe I'm down to one cartridge a day on my inhalator thingy and sometimes I just forget to take it with me - lets hope we both are nicotine free soon!


hey kitkat -

thats great news!

good on you - that must be a great feeling knowing you have just done it and you are officially free and can go on with life with just being you - no additives.

really pleased for you - nice one for being brave and having faith in yourself and jumping in - you can do this! :D

hey writerchris, im sure you be nicotine free soon too, coz if you keep forgetting to take ure inhalor with you, then what does that show? well done you doing good xx

& yes bman i do feel real good to day, like ive been walking with someone for a bit & now im walking alone, love the now additives bit, hey hey kitkat with no additives lol xx

They may have been 'stupid little worries' for you, but lets be honest collectively with everything else they are still part of who you are and what you did have that negatively affected you so if anyone on the forum here has helped at all, then its been worth it i'd say.

The main thing is.. you are smoke free, and you are today nicotine patch free. I can understand you not telling the OH because my fiancé starts over ****ysing my moods if i say i'm not wearing a patch, and all i get then is.. 'you should put a patch on.. repeated over n over again' I don't mind concern, i really don't but when you really want to try a few days CT without it don't help ;)

Anyway, don't think about it.. just keep on as you are and just keep clocking up the days in exactly the same way as you have for 11 weeks or so. Why would a missing elastoplast on your arm make a difference eh.. thats all it was.. no more.. no less ;)

Great, well done KitKat. I knew you'd be ok, just try not to think of the patches now, they're finished with. Onwards and upwards now, the small amount of nicotine you were absorbing will be gone in a minute and you'll be smoke free and nicotine free. David xxx

Hi KitKat :D

Great well done you and a patch free day as well and still feeling OK Huge Hug for you


Marg xxxxxxx

thank you everyone, still patch free, without sounding smug its easier then i thought, just feel very drained but have got a cold n a bit of a cough so maybe a coincidence thing with the tiredness....mood fine though x 11 weeks & 4 days done x i am a star, cant believe ive quit smoking with patches & now off them - a wonderful feeling xxx

Good for you :)

See? knew you'd be ok :)

After tomorrow i'm patch free too.. leave me a piece of the mantelpiece to chew on tho eh :)

Congrats! Good Job!!

Excellent KitKat! Thats wonderful for you:) Keep on going!


Congrats kitkat. I have patches in my car after 4 weeks just cant bring myself to bin them. Had some bad weeks after comming off them might just be the 3 month thing (73 days)

Right, i've come off my patches a day early today, hope you are ok today, especially now its the weekend.. I've bought some 15 year old spanish red wine in for tonight to kinda celebrate being nicotine free :) have you celebrated also? feels good to be off them thats for sure :)

Here's to us finishing the course of patches, and life being free :)

There is something different today though, did you get this? A really tired feeling? I went and had a nap for about an hour earlier, couldn't keep my eyes open hehe

I'm really pleased kitkat came off the patches.. it beats all the 'should i shouldn't i... oh what if?' moments thats for sure.. sometimes its best to just go for it.. and see how you fly.

See how we go know though eh kitkat.. all ok so far?

hey everyone , thanks for all information i love it, i kind of still feeling good just very tired too like you jase, & a big well done to you too, such a good feeling init? its kind of like the final bit of the quit....i have however developed a stupid cough & groggy feeling & a slight cold!! of which caught off the 2 little darlings who like to share illnesses....

I am kind of expecting a few bumpy bits from now coz its going too well at the minute, maybe nictotine still around a bit x

thank you all & take care

ps irnvd if i keep my spare patches forever i dont really mind if it helps my mind im good with that :) x

Kitkat, repeat after me

'nothing i can't handle' :)

I think we can handle this part of the quit now, yeah we'll have a few irritable bits i'm certain but its nothing we've not been through already and nowhere near as intense.

Heres to all the weeks and months ahead, and at least now we don't have to buy patches now either :).. even more money saved :)

Well done us!!


yes jase well done us. cheers mate x

;) np. yay :)

Right i'm off to bed, 15 year old wine has a habit of going straight for the head once the laughing stops :)

nn :)

yeah well i was gonna go bed, but kind of got stuck in the forum, lol

goodnite jase x

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