4 weeks & 1 day hey hey

wot a beautiful day hey hey wot a beautiful day- i dont really know if i am in month 2 but here i am wotever, & yes i am trying to get over my moods, depressions etc etc & change my entire mind into beautiful thoughts, instead of moping i will now make a pact with myself to enjoy the quit & not let it be something that i struggle with because i have come to the conclusion that life is one big struggle anyway at times so why should i have something else to hinder me.... is that good coming from probably the biggest moaner on this forum ..........let me continue today started horrible & ended beautiful long may it continue xx thanks for listening

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  • what no moping

    i quite enjoyed your moping, (got my floor clean anyway)

    it seems that you have had a good evening, and thats great may long in continue.

    oh and BTW 4 WEEKS AND ONE DAY :D:D:D that is fab.

  • ha ha ha

    ha ha you made me giggle... moping will probably come back tomorrow but for now im beautiful. xx

  • Hi KitKat :D

    Well done you

    It really doesn't matter having a moan we all do at times

    Keep going oh and the need to moan does pass Promise


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done KitKat - 4 weeks and 2 days (:confused:) now!

    You sound so happy! Well done you. :D

  • Yes Well done hunnie 4 weeks and 2 days good for you girl.xxxxxxx

  • thanks you marg & coaltyt we doing well :)

    great to hear you linda & thankyou , seems such a longtime ago now x you must be so chuffed x

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