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4 calendar months & not counting!

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As the title of the thread suggests, me & the OH have reached a full 4 calendar months & a few days! Just sharing this with those who, in the beginning of the quit, check ahead in the forum! Quitting the quit was never an option as we both felt that this HAD to be it. We're also both very stubborn. I'd love to say it was plain sailing...but it wasn't...like everyone else, it was damn hard. However, all the side effects have now more or less worn off (thank god! Some were bloody horrendous!) We have had some awful times where we could have easily taken smoking up again (a suspected heart attack for me for a start...my OH facing his fear of being without me, bless!) Money problems, childrens problems, car problems, pet problems...you name it, we've faced it. Even finding out that my lovely sister, who never hurt anyone in her life is riddled with Cancer & nothing can be done for her, has not made us waver. I wish I could say that the cravings have gone...no, they haven't but at least they're no longer the gut wrenching feelings that they used to be. Yes we both still miss it...yes, I know, how stupid...blah blah blah..but still we have not once turned round & said 'Right, where's the fags? I'm having one now!'...I'm telling you...not once as neither of us want to go thru the sheer hell of quitting ever again. This is it now...no going back. I think we can now call ourselves non smokers...so, as I said on another post...there is light at the end of the tunnel & it's not the end of a lit cigarette! Keep going, everyone...give yourselves a big pat on the back & snatch your life out of the Nicodemon's hands! :D

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Well done SophieP, an inspiration !

You sound like it's a done deal and I hope you're right, but I've quit for long period before and gone back and I've read in here people who fell off after years of not smoking, so yes be pleased and proud, but please don't be complacent.....

Hello Sophie, a really HUGE well done to both you and o/h. You are both just a few days ahead of me and my o/h. You have both completed a THIRD OF A YEAR. Feels marvelous don't it!!

Sophie, like you, o/h and I have gone thru many trials and tribulations in this quit and have not started smoking again. I feel the same as you do, I cannot mentally and physically go thru the quit process again, so I may as well stay quit.

I have wanted to ask so many others this question so many times and I am sorry if it offends, but when you quit successfully before, why did you go back? I would like to hear this from anybody who has quit for more than I. I have blipped twice in my quit, just cos I was curious (stupid more like, but no regrets). What makes someone so strong in a quit begin again? There, the big elephant is out there now. Sophie and others, answer if you wish to or disregard.

Sorry to hijack and ramble Sophie. I offer both you and o/h my heartiest congratulations on your quit and I was sorry to hear about your sister.


Lol, bbbbreezy! I'm not offended in any shape or form. The first time I took up smoking again, I became HUGE...I went from a size 12 to a size 22. When I smoked, I lost it all. The second time, I moved from southern England to Wales to run a pub...by the time I'd completed the move, I'd started again! Then smoked for 7 years, gave up again then, 6 months later, had a major op...started putting on the weight as I wasn't allowed to move much for the first 6 weeks so took it up again...sure enough, the weight fell off. This time, I have struggled with the weight thing but have managed to start losing the extra slowly & have got my head round the fact that I may be a bit 'chunky' for a while!

& Horse...as you can see I'm well aware of the prat fall! :D

Well done Sophie - you've been through some stuff that would make the steeliest quitter cave, and you've stayed strong. That's an amazing achievement, and you should be really proud of yourself.

So sorry to hear about your sister. xxx

Gosh Sophie, really well done to you and your OH - you should be so proud

Sophie, thanks so much for answering. since my quit I have gained 27 lbs and cannot seem to move it. I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted and stay almost the same weight, TILL NOW!!

I don't like being chunky and do not want to smoke again.

Sophie, has it been easier or harder with each of your quits? How can you mentally prepare yourself with the h#ll to follow?


Hmmmm...in a way, Jen, it's been easier cos I knew what to expect but also I didn't look forward to it...knowing how I was going to feel also made it harder (I know that probably makes no sense at all!!!). Saying that, tho...each quit has been different & raised differing emotions. For instance, this time round I suffered from god awful depression & insomnia...neither of which I had before (maybe it's old age, lol!)

As for the weight gain...that seems to be unavoidable...the only time I didn't put any on was the second time & I was a real gym fanatic then...I was going 3 or 4 times a day! I absolutely HATE getting bigger...stupid, I know, but I'm an ex anorexic so my weight has always taken precedence over my health. It is shifting now, tho....verrrrrrry slowwwwwwwly! & I've cut every bit of crap out of my diet that I can without me feeling peed off that I'm denying myself everything nice & naughty so some choccy has remained!

I must admit, it has helped reading the posts & everyone's experiences on here, knowing I'm not the only one going thru hell...you know what they say: 'Misery loves company'...lol! :D

Same here Jen I have always been able to eat what I want, not a big eater but ate what I fancied. I put on a stone in 3 months:eek: and I HATE IT. Some one said it does come off eventually. Is this true I wonder.


Well done to you both on 4 months a great achievement.:)

Thanks Sophie and Betty. Why do we women care so much about our weight. O/H is carrying twins and is quite content in his own skin. I am in full jeans and a sweater which covers neck to bum; thank goodness it is cooler today. Look like a right git dressed like that when its warm. I have not felt sexy in, mmmmnn, lets see, 117 bloody days now.

Mind you, on a brighter note, saw my own doctor today and he happily changed his records to non-smoker. The rest of the good news according to him, when long time smokers quit, we are prone to respiratory infections/colds...for the year after we quit. YAY! Fat and sick to look forward to for next 8 months.:(

All joking aside, I may catch all going around, be a butterball, but I am so glad to now have the non-smoking box ticked off my file. It has taken a lifetime to get here. :D



Lol @ YAY! Fat and sick to look forward to for next 8 months.

Jen. I think it's the sick sense of humour that's helped us too! It's the same with me...I actually caught sight of my back in the mirror in the bathroom the other day & nearly screamed!!! Now I strip off in the bathroom in the dark...don't want to scare myself that badly again...plus it's the only mirror in the house & I don't feel like having to replace it!!!

Keep it up, Jen & OH carrying twins :eek:...we'll all get there (albeit a lot bigger & feeling grottier than before!) :D


Made me laugh; I have fat rolls on my back now; never did before. Kids delight in wiggling the fat on my upper arm back and forth, hence no more short sleeved t-shirts. If you hear of someone dying of heat exhaustion, found in a full snowsuit, it will be me!

HAAAAAAAA!!!! Lol, Jen, I pmsl'd at that one (I wonder if that's another undesirable side effect oh the quit!!!) I'll keep checking the headlines for you! & I'll try not to obsess about chunkiness, mirrors & the fact I see a female Jabba the Hut metamorphosing (:eek:) in the mirror. Lol!

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