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Still here and still strong!!!!


Hi All

Just thought I would let you know that I am still here and still not smoking :)

Someone seems to have an issue with the fact that I have been struggling recently and today I seem to be ok. They were even nice enough to send me a lovely PM to tell me this news. His mother must be sooooooooo proud of him.

So just in case anyone else was worried about my welfare I thought I would just let you all know that I am fine thanks :)

Carol xxx

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Good to hear !!

well done

dont let anyone get in ur way,just keep on going:D im so proud of u babe xxxxx


Make sure you have the last laugh.

Nice to read that your in high spirits...........and no not the water of life.


Hi Carol :D

Well done you on 11 days quit that's great Big hug

Glad to here that you're OK again now and obviously feeling much better


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Good for you! I had seen the kerfuffle with the t**t, glad you ignored the insignificant insect and carried on with the quit. 11 days ... nearly to 2 week mark :) Well done.

Yep not giving up so close to 2 weeks................only 2 days to go :)

Carol x

Dont know if gary does massages............

Gary how good are you at head massages?

Carol x

Hi caz hope you dont mind me posting, but im kinda having a major struggle here on day 9 so to hear someone is on day 12 and have had idiots trying to trip you up and your still being strong .. well it helps me too

again hope you dont mind

be strong




Depends on who's head it's on.


Hi Goose

Dont mind you posting at all. Well done on day 9. Days 10 and 11 were my hardest but if you hang on in there they pass. The last 24 hours have been the hardest but for different reasons!

When you are having a hard time just come on here and scream and shout or ask for help. there is normally someone around that will help you.

I couldn't have got through the last 12days without this place and the lovely people on here.

One t**t isn't going to stop me using this forum.

Good luck and hang on in there I am assured it gets

Carol xx

Hi Gary

Mine and Chrissie's I think..........:)


Reckon I can cope with both you, anyway are you both alright tonight?


Glad your ok

Hi Carol,

Glad to hear you are still strong & with us despite any recent events :p

Loves ya. G xx

Hi Gary

Chrissie busy tonight I think.

Carol x

Thanks G

Yes hanging on in there..............I refuse to let him push me out or have a fag :)

carol x

Well done Caz.

I seem to of lost track this last few days. Is this day 12 for you now?


Yep only a couple of hours to day 13............nearly the 2 week mark :)

Carol x

Soon be there then.

I reckon that if you can come through yesterday as you did, then it's going to get easier for you. Just a tester and you flown through with flying colours.

Your still not going to catch me though.

Vital stats for me look like this now..........

Gary - Free and Healing for Twenty Days, 3 Hours and 52 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 9 Hours, by avoiding the use of 403 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £106.94.

Still feeling good and focused.:D


Hi Gary

Yesterday was a doddle compared to today. The little coward didn't post his vile messages on the forum today where everyone could see them he sent them to me privately!!

But yes I have come through today and I haven't had a fag and I will make it to week 3. I will be behind you all the way.

Carol xxx

p.s. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Just in case he has managed to get passed the mods......that is me having the last laugh :D

Hi Carol :D

Glad you're having the last laugh [and what a long one] in spite of eveything this last 24 or so hrs

Soon be week 3 now for you well done



Hi Marg

Yep nearly there :D

Carol x

Hi Carol :D

You sure are

Night Night sleep well


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Will do :)

You too :)


Carol x

Sorry if Im being a little slow here but reading some off the posts as I do on a daily basis now. Am I getting this right that some person is sending PMs to people to try and P**s them off enough to start smoking again?

Just treat them with the contempt they deserve, ignore them they only jealous they cant give up the weed.

Almost forgot, I was going to offer my massage skills but I'm on holiday for a couple weeks. First with smoke since Butlins with my mum and Dad in far dim distance past.

Post card to all

happy happy hols Mav

cya soon buddy

Hi Chrissi

thanks for asking .. today im having a good day .. no craves to speak of and i just feel good :)

how are you feeling today ?

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