still going strong!

Hi everyone, been really busy the last week or so, but still proud to report that I havent had a single puff so I well chuffed about that.

Hope everyone is staying strong, Charlene.

I am on day 43 today and I cant believe it myself!

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  • Way to go Charlene!! 43 days!! thats brilliant you must be very pleased with yourself x x

    Now go shopping! :D wooooooo

    ~Buffy x x

  • yeah ...............43X£5

    thats a few pairs of shoes ..LOL;)

  • Well done Charlene, keep going!!!!!:D

  • good on you, keep it up your doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlene

    Thats fab 43 days you are a star Linda xxx

  • Well done charlene,

    Hope I make it to 43 days!

    Go girl! :D :D :D

    Befly x x

  • Great stuff Charlene !!!! im day 41 ... i think, we are doing soooooooo well

  • Well done Charlene your doing great!!!!!!!:D :D


  • Thanks everyone for your nice words, I feel so proud of myself, I know I had a tiny blip on week four but I pretend that never happened, I feel like im well on the way to being a non smoker now im off nrt.

    Still dont trust myself to have a drink again yet though, but I hope that will come soon, then its party time!

  • What Blip forgotten already, it didn't happen, forget it! you should be proud!!! your doing great. you are already an ex-smoker and will stay that way, i have full confidence in you.

    I finished my course of patches on Tuesday at 6.30 pm haven't had to use them since, so I've been Nrt free for 5 days 12 hours roughly


  • thanks caroline, well done to you too coming off the old nrt, Its scarey but a relief too isnt it?

    well done you!

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