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Day 3 and still going strong!


Good morning everyone! I find I have extra time in the mornings before leaving for work, so can log on and say hello! :) Those quitmeters should show how much of your time you would have wasted just standing/sitting, doing nothing but having a fag and staring into space!:eek:

Hope my team mates are all feeling well and positive today. I'm in for a busy day at work, but will try and pop back in over lunch.

Take care! And have a nice day! :D

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Well done OMT, yes that is iinteresting - how much extra time you have per day. I guess a quick calc would be 10 mins per cig (including walking to and from the designated smoking point * 20 cigs, = 200 mins or 3rhs 20 mins walking for, walking back from or actualy smoking per day! - is this right? Strewth

Good luck to you and your team, keep it tight guys.


Good morning Barbara, Pete and everyone...

Had a smashing sleep last night...Got a busy day today so hopefully no time to think of anything else.Have a great day everyone take care, I will be back after tea for a good read;)

WEll done mate, watch out for old nic today, He will be behaveing badly. the 72 hour thing. Old Nic thinks hang on a minute, she realy means this...:eek:... Stay strong mate. xxx :)

hey Team Mates. got here eventually, my aol is playing up bad. pulled a few hairs out whilst trying to get a connection. hopefully its sorted now, been going on since Sunday.

Any way, I am feeling much better today and have decided to stay. Think it was my dad that made my made up. he called this morning on his way to airport, I dont see that much of him cos he lives 80 miles away. Anyway, he was a 50/60 :eek:a day smoker for 40 odd years, he had a really bad chest last year and made the best decision of his life. No moaning or whining (unlike me) he just got on with it. His wife however did struggle a bit and she only smoked about 7 a day, she didn't consider her self a smoker, but was most definately addicted. I'm not saying my dad found it easier or anything, cos he didn't. But he did make a decision - and he stuck to it. I think that is the hardest part. Making the decision to do it. He said to me that all he wanted to do was get through 1 day, that was almost 1 year ago. I am so proud of him and his wife. They are passing by on their way back from the airport next week and he will then be proud of me:D


Yeah, Louby! So glad to hear from you! :)

Some people do find it a lot harder to give up than others - I have tried everything available (forgot to mention the Chinese herbal stuff in my sig YUCH!)

My doctor told me I have "an addictive personality" :confused: Gee, thanks, doc, like...that helped?

But it also takes not just willpower (puny word) - it takes sheer bloodymindedness and determination! :mad:

I WILL NOT let those little sticks of poisonous substances rule my life ever again. I WILL NOT line the pockets of the fat cat cigarette manufacturers, and I WILL NOT pollute my grandchildren and show them a bad example EVER AGAIN!

Hear endeth the sermon, and I will try my utmost not to have to eat the words I just typed :)

We need you on our team, Louby, stick in there!

Thanks Barbara, Docs can be such a pain. Addictive personality from a doc, thats pretty poor. Its ok for us to think it:p but for a doc to tell you. How helpful.

Anyway I am so glad to be here, have you seen anything of the other barb.

Trying not to stay on comp too long today, dont want to trigger another migraine. So if you dont see me later, dont worry. I am saying your mantra in my head over and over and over and over.

Will definately sign on before i go to bed, prop the door open in day 4 for me. lol xx lou

hey guys, just thought i'd bob in while I had a chance. Doing good good good.:D Hope all is well with the rest of the happy team. xx

Glad you're doing better today LoubyLoo, no I've not seem Barb since Day 1 - hope she's just got pc problems :confused:

well done all of you - this is the hardest day - really.

keep going!


Thanks Catmagpie, For me Yesterday was much worse, today not been that bad at all really. (but then I did have that blip that put nicotine back in so it might rear its head again on thurs/fri time will tell.

If Barb is on AOL then it could be pc probs. mine was off for the most part of sunday then on and off in between. Think they got it sorted now though but it was a huge problem. Off to the chippy for tea now. lol. cant be bothered with cooking, not a no smoking thing i just hate cooking.:D

hey, so well done :D

enjoy your chips! :D

I've been absolutely fine all day at work, but now I'm home alone and I think it's probably because I'm bored, but I really fancy a cigarette :eek: This is the first I've felt like this since giving up and it's not nice.:mad:

Don't get me wrong, it's not a full blown craving attack (like I used to get when I woke up in the morning with no fags :D ), and I think the Champix are still working, but it's a strange feeling......don't know if I can explain it very well - it's more like a sensation, a feeling of something missing, like I'm incomplete or something. OMG I bet I sound a right loonie :p ........

My tongue feels like it belongs to someone else, and my teeth, gums and inside cheeks feel fuzzy - is this making any sense or sound familiar to anyone or have I finally cracked?????

PS/ Don't worry, I've got my pjs on and I have NO intention of going out in the cold to buy a packet, but if someone were to knock on the door right now and hand me a cigarette.......I'd be REALLY REALLY tempted.....and that's scarey!

Is there anybody out there? :(

dont give in i know what u mean i give up 3 months ago and i still look for fag in the morning but it passes quick in matter of seconds hold on in their you can do it ill be thinking of you good luck

Thanks Janet, I'm determined not to give in. Just ate a punnet of strawberries and feel a bit queasy now :(

I'm going to go to bed shortly with a good book, cuppa tea, and hot water bottle....mmmm I feel better just thinking about it :)

3 months - well done! :)

Barbara, sorry I wasn't here before. Had to pick daughter up from friends. How are you feeling now. I cant say I've had the exact same feelings, but I do get an emptiness feeling, but thinking back to when i was smoking i got that then too. I call it an angry bubble. try screaming really loud into a cushion or something. or have a dance round the kitchen to some uplifting music. Glad you got your pjs on, cos it is so easy to do what the addiction is telling you to do. But that would be the wrong thing to do cos it would just take you back to where you didn't want to be. Hope that makes sence.

Stay strong you've been a star :D

another day tomorrow youll get their and it does get better

Thanks guys, you're great, I hope I feel better tomorrow.

I've been around the boards tonight and there seems to be concensus of opinion that Day 3 is a hard one. Thanks for the advice about Days 8-10, CatWoman

(brilliant name! :)) - I'll be sure to have my guard up then.

Roll on the light evenings when I can take the dogs for big long walks! :)

Barbara have you seen behappy anywhere tonight.

I just asked you that in the other post lol!:D

BeHappy checked in this morning, but hasn't been back on, I have a feeling she'll be ok....:)

I think Barb has deserted us though :(

And have you seen Izzy?

Saw Izzys name mentioned somewhere, think it was in day 7. I am sure behappy will be ok. probably having a day off. or just watching:D

You seem to be around before me, dont get chance to get on before 9am. So you start the thread in day 4 tomorrow. Have a good nights sleep it will all seem different tomorrow. she says:rolleyes:

DAY4 Tomorrow!!!!!!!! :D

OK, will do, I seem to have loads of time in the morning before I leave for work these days......makes you wonder how much time we all wasted smoking eh? :confused:

Night Night, see you in Day 4 - hey, we'll be in the "Weeks" then "Months" rooms before you know it :D

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