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I'm here and still going strong!

Madzoya1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi all,

Roisin01 commented on another post that you might want to hear how I am doing after all this time.

Well on the smoking/vaping side of things I'm just dandy! No thought of it anymore and even the related anxiety has abated a lot. The only time I remember it is in a party or when I had one glass of wine too many, but even then it's manageable without much effort.

Health wise I improved a lot. No more chest infections, colds or coughs.

The only set back is that I gained lots of weight. The first year after quitting I got addicted to sugar/chocolate and I lost my head. Which was very demoralizing, as I was in my goal weight when I stopped vaping (for the 1st time in my life).

I gained 35 pounds! And there were times I thought that I might take up vaping again, if it would help me lose the weight. Thankfully I had a very good support group (hubby and family) that convinced me that the weight would come off, as soon as I was ready to fight again.

And in November I was. I started seeing a nutritionist (who by the way agreed that you're better fat and not smoking, that smoking and thin) and I'm slowly losing again. Just this month I got back to running again, and although today I feel like a truck ran me over, I feel freer than I ever been.

Life without the smokes is possible. Anxiety can be dealt in other ways. We can be happy without the damn things!

I'm now 1 year and 242 days without vaping. Add 3 years to that without smoking.

I feel like a winner!

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Excellent and powerful update Madzoya, you certainly are a winner 🏆You will get there with the weight and doing the best thing possible to tackle it when you are ready and strong enough in your journey.

Thanks for sharing a positive and encouraging post. Keep in touch ⌨🖱

Madzoya1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you for encouraging me to post! You're the best!

HercuValued Contributor

Yes, Madzoya you are ....!!! Congrats...Very wise nutritionist you are seeing...!

Madzoya1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Thanks! Your posts helps immensely when I was still struggling!


hi Madzoya

yes the demon drink 😈

I stopped drinking,couldn't trust myself and I always felt ill after,

if I was sad cried and if happy danced on tables.

so glad I don't do any now smoke or drink.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁

Madzoya1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

I'm now at a point that 2 glasses of wine make me tipsy. And weirdly, I'm getting to that point that I can stop when my brain starts to get foggy. It helps that the angel in my hear keeps screaming "empty calories!" "this is going to show on the scale tomorrow!". :)


Madzoya ..stories like yours inspire me and make me feel stronger !!

I’m also struggling with extra 17 pounds at 6 months smoke free but just like your nutritionist mentioned is better extra pound and healthier !!

Excellent job !! You are a winner !!

Madzoya1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

My nutritionist says we need to do one battle a time, so we not become overwhelmed emotionally. She even suggested therapy if I felt I couldn't do the weight loss thing without help. She also made me see how strong I already was for quitting smoking, that made me feel like I could tackle the weight loss.

Madzoya, I’m just starting out on that road, again! I am reading a number of posts about the success of quitting both alcohol and cigarettes and I’m also trying not to diet so much as getting back into healthy eating. Over the last year I suppose, I’ve been eating a lot of takeaways and ready meals and am now starting to cook from scratch.

Madzoya1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to CiggieStardust

Portion control is what's working for me. It's easier than counting calories and you can still eat everything you like (just in the correct portions).

Good luck on your journey!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to CiggieStardust

Hey CiggieStardust , nearly at your 1 month milestone, hope you are continuing to go strong from your last update?


2 years today totally nicotine free, hope you are keeping well Madzoya ?

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