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Still around and going strong


Well into the 2nd month now, had a few "scary moments" tho, laptop is running like a bag a shyte and don't know why its doing it and testing my patience LOL .. Tho I'd rather that than the living room window which it directly in front of me and a perfect aim to launch laptop through it lol :rolleyes:

Still going strong despite techy troubles

hope you are all doing great and all my fellow "stoptobers" are still in the running

Looks like I have so much to catch up on in here - well done everyone

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Welcome back Shortstuff

Glad to see you are forging ahead.

Make sure you open the window first to save on the expense of having to replace that as well as the laptop! :)


Keep up the good work for us young'uns to follow you

all the best


Well done SS Glad you are still with us and going strong!:)

Welcome back shorty, glad you've rejoined us :)

Popo725 Years Smoke Free

Welcome back. I thought you had maybe went out on the first run of the c25k and kept on running... Ala Forrest Gump

Good to see your still strong in the quit....


Hi Shortie

Missed you posting, glad you're up an running in the laptop dept. And extra glad your quit still going well. You're just a wee star:)

Fi x

Thanks everyone.

Hope you all had a fab week=end...I had my cousins 21st party last night I really wish people would stop having birthdays its costing me a fortune LOL) was tempted a few times last night...but alas the sausage rolls, quiche and choc cake kept me occupied LOL

hey there stoptobers ....

.. Six weeks for me .. Been away for the weekend and left champix at home

so not had a dose since Friday morning.. Now I'm not sure if I need to take it or not

any advice??

I found that after 7 days my cravings returned horrendously but that was only after a week of quitting, just be on guard you should be fine:) just have a back up plan

Sian xx

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