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I'm wanting to push for a slightly less processed lifestyle. At the moment, I eat a bit of fruit (1/5 of a melon or 2 kiwis) and around 100 calories worth of crackers, but I'd like to try replacing the crackers with something else that's more natural, but also something that has a similar calorie content. What kind of things do you guys have?


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43 Replies

  • I have either home made blueberry porridge, or banana and Skyr yoghurt or poached egg on toast, or crunchy peanut butter on toast.

  • It's wholemeal toast with butter and marmite. Sometimes porridge or poached or boiled egg with toast.☺

  • Ooo toast... I have been trying not to buy bread, I like the seeded stuff, which is 150cals a slice!

  • warbutons wholemeal is only 55 😊

  • Really? I'll try it, I'm just not sure if it will be as good as seeded batch... ;)

  • I love seeded bread too, but needs must.......as they say!

  • If you can live without bread then that's good.

    However the way I think about this is - this is about healthy eating for life and I know I couldn't live the rest of my life without bread toast and marmite. Everything in moderation. ☺

  • Yeah, I still have it as a treat, it's just that wheni buy a loaf I feel I have to eat all of it, so breakfast becomes toast, lunch becomes a sandwich, and before I know it, it's tea time andi've had none of my 5 a day! But proper bread and butter or toast and butter are one of life's pleasures...

  • Freeze some of it. It makes it a bit soggy for sandwiches but toast from frozen bread is fine

  • 1oz porrige oats, cooked with skimmed milk, and a mashed banana 😊 I also add dried fruit but you don't need it

  • Hmm, maybe could do a half bowl of porridge actually, come in on calories that way!

  • I prefer to eat a decent breakfast or I get too hungry 😕 How many calories are you eating each day?

  • I mean I'd have a half bowl and still have my kiwis or melon. I like to get a bit of fruit in for breakfast, it just helps me meet my 5 a day goals. At the moment, I come in around 200 calories.

  • That's why I have a banana with it 😊 Sounds disgusting but it's not! Lol😊

  • I like porridge and banana too; naturally sweet and filling - very satisfying but good and healthy and not calorie busting; that's what i like! ;) :D

  • Hi Cooper,

    I did this post some time ago now, but it still represents very much my own breakfast choices, and lots of others contributed some great ideas too, so you might want to have a look through this post:


    Lowcal :-)

  • Some nice ideas, thanks! I am awful actually when it comes to the weekend, I tend to skip breakfast.... it probably does me no favours!

  • If you're short on time in the mornings, opt for a couple of scoops of whey protein powder, mixed with semi skimmed milk, since it'll keep you satiated until mid morning, when you're able to eat nuts and/or yoghurt as mid-morning snack.

  • how about some protein ? Ready cooked chicken ? Or hard boiled eggs ? As lazy as it sounds, the pre boiled eggs that supermarkets sell now are lovely. Or cook some steak and have it next morning with a few grapes ?

  • just wanted to add - maybe in the uk we concentrate too much on traditional breakfast foods. Many countries eat other sorts of breakfast - ham, fish etc. Kedgeree ? Think outside the box!

  • I was just away to say something along those lines... I do have a bit of a complex about eating 'breakfast' foods, but I do have recipes for breakfast soups, they might be worth trying.

  • I have been having quark with a bit of sweetener and I add in some porridge oats that have been soaked in a little skimmed milk overnight and then layer it with strawberries. It's very high in protein so keeps me full until lunchtime. You can add other fruit for variety.

  • This sounds interesting. I've never had quark, but my old housemate was daft for tne stuff! He'd eat it every day! The look of it puts me off a bit, but I ought to try it before just turning my nose up!

  • Hi Cooper27. Sometimes I have 40g high fibre All Bran, 100g frozen fruit mixed in,pour boiling water over, a sprinkle of sweetener, a large tbsp of fat free Greek yoghurt on top. About 220 cals and very filling.

  • Tjis sounds really jight. I sometimes have birchers for breakfast (greek yoghurt, oats and frozen fruit), this sounds pretty similar!

  • I like 35g portage oats, a light yogurt and fruit, (usually raspberries. I'm a raspberry fiend). Mix it all together and stick it in the fridge over night. Breakfast is ready in the morning and it's surprisingly filling.

  • Yup, I-ve tried this as a post-gym breakfast before, it's really nice. It is nice. I might give it a go this week :)

  • I like a slice of rye bread toast with peanut butter. It is very filling

  • I have a fresh fruit salad and natural fat free yogurt, toast and marmite or smooth peanut butter., pancakes and frozen mixed berries and a spoonful of Greek total yoghurt. Either one of those keeps me going until lunch.

  • I do a vegan version of fridge porridge, using soy yogurt, 30g porridge oats, 5g barley, cinnamon, 10g dried fruit and make a batch of four (using one of the large yogurt pots) and put in the fridge in the evening, ready for my breakfast over the next 4 mornings. Cals approx 270.

    Before I became vegan, I used to use Total Greek 0% yogurt and it was delicious.

  • This sounds nice! I didn't realise it ca keep so long, as whenever I've tried youghurt, I always made it up fresh every day, which became a hassle and a half! I'll remember this, thanks!

  • Hi I'm having 1 slice 50:50 toast with 15g peanut butter, a nectarine and black coffee all for 225 calories.

    Trying to cut back a bit today as I'm out for lunch tomorrow x

  • for years I've eaten raw oats the most chunky kind from Sainsburys. I add s s milk to a handful of oats then a couple of teaspoons ( as heaped as I can make them ) of home stewed fruit. I use my own apples, or buy stuff when it's on offer. I pick blackberries and sweeten with a bit of sugar. I freeze a lot of stewed fruit so breakfast is always quick and easy. When it's very cold I cook the oats and milk in the microwave. Don't know if it's relevant but have never had a cholesterol problem in spite of horrific weight, so maybe the oats are keeping it at bay. It is filling and I like it.

  • 2Egg Omelette with grated parmesan

  • Half a ham and cheese toasty and an apple. ☺

    Chia seeds mixed with plain yogurt and chopped apple and cinamon.

  • I'd suggest making your own crackers :)

  • Hmm, I'll see if there are any recipes that sound good.

  • Eggs in different ways for breakfast were a great help towards my weight loss. I avoided bread most days but did have the odd slice of hovis .

    Two eggs 140 cals. plain boiled, poached or do scrambled eggs or an omelette with ham or grilled bacon, tomato or smoked salmon, avocado . Eggs have protein and satisfy much longer than wheat products bread/crackers/cereal.

    Or if you're really short of time make a protein smoothie, protein whey powder, water, banana, greek yoghurt whizzed into a shake. About 240 cals.

  • A few have suggested whey, but unfortunately I'm allergic to the stuff, and I'm not a big fan of eggs. I know how filling protein is though, I should buold more in for breakfast.

  • I am just wondering why you are looking for such a low calorie breakfast. I must admit that if I don't have enough to eat at breakfast, I run out of energy very quickly.

  • I just don't have a big apetite in the mornings, so I have around 200 calories and about 2 hours later, I have a small handful of nuts (120 calories) to tide me over til lunch. But it also lets me eat the same dinner as my OH - I leave 600 calories for that, and a little 100 calories something sweet after dinner too.

  • Plain porridge, no milk or sugar and a handful of grapes

  • Mainly 1 slice toast and nut butter 221 cals, a banana or 2 kiwi fruits, just over 300 cals.

    I do sometimes scramble 2 eggs on a slice of toast too, if I have time

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