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What vitamins and minerals (etc) are best to take - and what dosage?

I already take Magnesium, a multivitamin with probiotic and calcium with Vitamin D (for Osteoporosis) I also take Glucosamine for creaky knees!

I'm thinking of trying a Vitamin B boost - apparently my maternal grandmother suffered crippling headaches (probably migraine) and used to swear by her "Yeasties", which I think must be Yeastvite, which I believe is Vitamin B based. Which B vitamin is the best to take and in what quantity? I'm a vegetarian, so I know B12 is important.

I tried taking Feverfew some years ago, but it gave me terrible mouth ulcers, so I am loath to try that again.

I was reading up on Migraine Support Formula, but it seems to be US based and I'm a bit wary of trying anything that's not been tried and tested in the UK. From other posts on this forum I suspect there is no "one size fits all" answer, but some guidelines and personal experience stories might be helpful. I am currently taking 20 or more triptans a month just to be able to continue to function and I would love to reduce that without having to go cold turkey or take any other preventatives, none of which have worked in the past. I'm supposed to be on a waiting list for Botox but haven't heard from my Neurologist for nearly two months.

Thanks for any input, Patti

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I take most of what you have already mentioned. I take Magnesium Citrate as this is used for migraine prevention & is absorbed well in the body. I also was told to take Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin @ 400mg per day by my Neurologist. I have taken it since March & I don't feel this is any good for me. I have heard from others who swear by it & have said if they forget a couple of doses they are guaranteed a migraine.

I am trying to establish what works so I only introduce one supplement at a time then I am clear on what is working. I was also told to try Co Enzyme Q10 by the Neuro but to not take Feverfew as there was lack of supporting evidence on that one. I think probably because I am already on multiple drugs for autoimmune conditions & he is trying to be careful.

I am slowly reducing my Vit B2 & have decided to go on a B Complex in the future. I would be interested in what others might say about the B2 because I heard some great responses from people & was really praying it would work for me. I do know something important about B2 & that is it is easily destroyed by light. It is in many of our foods ie. Pasta but if you don't store in the dark & cook with the lid on you lose 70% from the light. It is also water soluble so most is flushed from the body through your urine which it turns bright yellow. Good luck.



I am taking B2 for almost a month now and I have seen great improvements both in migraines and general wellbeing. Like your "one at a time" approach and hopefully you'll see some results.


I keep reading that Vit D and B2 are a great help.


I like the Bio-Tech B2-400 Riboflavin, as it gives 400 mg in a single capsule. I also take the Bio-Tech D3-5 Vitamin D3 5,000 IU. I get them from Amazon or GreenVits


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