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Does anyone know why you can't take Imigran/Sumatriptan while pregnant in the UK?


Im currently almost 11 weeks pregnant and I've just had 8 days of migraine followed by a day off, then another migraine, then a day off and now a migraine again. I'm worn out. I've had two miscarriages in the past year and I have a 3 year old.

I know that in the States and in some other countries like Germany you are allowed to take Imigran during pregnancy, in the first trimester at least. Apparently there is no data for imigran use in the third trimester.

I usually have Botox but obviously haven't been able to have that for over a year and I'm on 40mg ( down from 150mg) of Amitriptyline which my neurologists has sanctioned. I have chronic migraines amongst other things.

I was just wondering if anyone knew why the UK doesn't support Imigran use during pregnancy? Is it just they have not conducted their own experiments and do not trust 'foreign' data? My mother takes Imigran and its really tempting to take some, I normally have Zomig but I know that is definitely contraindicated for pregnancy so obviously have stopped that. I didn't take anything while pregnant with my daughter and I had a terrible time for the whole pregnancy, since then all this new info about Imigran use has come out.

Any information would be interesting!

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Hi I'm UK. Naratriptan and Sumatriptan where two i had to take while pregnant but for some reason i was only allowed in the first 3mths. I had migraines for yhe whole 9mths and in a patern just like yours.

I went to a herbal gp for help in later pregnancy, it did help.

Good luck 😘 hope you find a solution.

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Thanks for your post, very interesting!

My neurologist is very unhappy about me being on Amitriptyline even though the Gp's are perfectly happy about, trouble is she has more data than them so I always go with what she says. I know she is dead set against triptans during pregnancy but you know how desperate you get when the migraine is still there day in day out. I'm managed to get through today without anything but I know if it is still there tomorrow I'll probably fold.

I've tried accupuncture but it didn't have any effect. Do you mind me asking what sort of thing the herbalist prescribed for you?

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Hi Cat they made me a tincture with lots of safe herbs for pregnancy. I did take a bit longer to wake in the morning but i didn't wake through the night with flashing lights.

Now I'm perimenopause and my hormones where at it again. I went back to the herbalist gp and again my hormones are under control.

No hrt was helping, migraine every day for 4yrs solid,triptans constantly, it's been a nightmare.

Now, 10 days migraine free last month, 7 day's the month before so slowly getting control 😁.

I also vomitted a lot while pregnant.

Look for alternatives Cat 👍x


It's because it narrows your blood vessels which could obviously have an adverse effect on your baby.


That is not what I asked. I asked if anyone new why you could be prescribed Sumatriptan in the US and in other countries like Germany during pregnancy but not in the UK.


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