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Reduced migraine attacks


Hi, for years i have been suffering from chronic head pain and migraines. After fighting for a long time, I eventually got to see a specialist neurologist in London. She prescribed duloxetine, strong dose of vitamin B, and detoxification of all my medication before starting the new regime as well as triptans, and anti sickness meds and naproxen. I am only allowed to take my migraine meds for 2 week4 per month. Which is very scary but it is possible! With this and taking out gluten, dairy, sulphites and aspartame i only tend to get the occasional migraine. Keep looking forward to the future

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to add to what you have said. . . .

I also visited a specialist in London (was it the NMC?) and they provided more help than years and years of GP/Neuro specialist consultations ever did.

After years of trying the standard triptans, beta blockers etc with 0 success and pumping myself full of strong painkillers, the revelation of the following preventative and aborting treatments work absolute wonders:

General preventative of migraines:

daily high dose vit b2, magnesium and co-enzyme q10 supplements

After taking these for a few months, migraine frequency reduced dramatically and when I do get one, it seems much, much less severe.

Aborting treatment if I get the dreaded aura coming on:

dispersable asprin, dissolved in a can of coke (or your other favourite caffeinated cola beverage :) ) with an over the counter non prescription anti sea sickness tablet.

If I take the above quick enough it stops the migraine before it starts properly.

The NMC also prescribed oxygen for cluster headaches, which also brings great relief after years of suffering.

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How much Vitamin B2, magnesium and coenzyme Q10 do you take, please?

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details on this page:


Really interesting - plus keep us posted😄

Thanks for your info. Hope you continue to be better.

I was told no more than 8 sumatriptan a month.. That was scary enough. I know someone who takes about 24 a month. 😳

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I used to take that many too, but the problem then is you get into a vicious cycle of migraine and rebound migraine. Trying to gauge when you need them is difficult but it is doable. Keep trying x

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on a plus note, it will make your blood go green which is pretty cool:

I've been migraine sufferer for more than 20 years - now 45.

Using triptans and painkillers (ibuprofen and paracetamol) to manage attacks… I now have more attacks each month - rizatriptan is effective in stopping attack but recently have had 3 really nasty what I now think are rebound headaches. Dr's /consultants advice so conflicting over what/how much to take.

Keen to get off the painkillers and limit/stop the triptans - I'll be seeing NMC in a month

In the meantime, to avoid triptans what is the best for me to take to stop an attack?

For supplements: Magnesium, B2 etc - any particular type/brand or place to get?

I've heard it makes a big difference the type of magnesium you take…

Thanks all

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