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Migraines, Oh the pain!

This is my way of introducing myself.

I am a migraine sufferer, have been for 20 years.

I am having better success with aborting and preventing my migraines, by sucking on, for as long as I can on 25mgs of Sumatriptan to abort the Migraine and taking 10mg of Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine, muscle relaxer) at bed time to prevent the migraine.

After all my research on my Migraines, they are caused by the underlying condition, Occipital neuralgia.

A search for answers to a Sumatriptan shortage got me here.

I have a Facebook Migraine page to help others. I sell NOTHING and I will not allow anyone to promote any site or product. "Migraines101"

Just resent.


Yep there is a MYLAN Sumatriptan 100mg shortage in the 60016 area.

There is however other brands available like "Dr. Reddy's" and "Aurobindo (which I have)".

I am finding that I have to take almost twice the dose for the same relief as the Mylan brand.

Dr Reddy's and Aurobindo are India companies. Mylan is based in the U.S.

I spent 1+ hours trying to locate a pharmacy that has and carries the Mylan brand, with no luck.

I just communicated with Mylan to see if there is a Pharmacy in my area and If there is indeed a shortage. I am waiting their reply.

No one wants to suffer longer than we have to with a Migraine and taking twice the dose at twice the price is not what I want to do, but I will have to for the time being.

I wish you Migraineurs the best of luck.

All my Luv.

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I agree with you on the £ price we pay to live controlling our migraines. I have had more years living with migraines than without. I take 2.5mg zolmitriptan, no more than 2 tablets a day. When I saw my gp as my migraines were getting worse I feel my gp was sick of seeing me and told me I was having rebound headaches. As I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia 5 years ago and take 50 mg Amitriptyline eventually I have no ,more pain in my face still taking tablets. The pain of my above illness is very similiar to migraine.I now have to buy zolmitriptan as my gp won't give enough on prescription.I am able to buy the extra tablets I need which are expensive. 2 tabs cost £9 don't know what I would Do if I couldn't afford them, It is legal to buy these as I can buy them I my local Che, it. Please note I am not saying to anyone to do ss i do, please make your own decision. You may also wish to check Internet. Good luck


How are you able to buy extra medication without a prescription? I need more than what my insurance is willing to pay for. Help!


Hi Robsny I am prescribed zolmitriptan 2.5 by my gp but it is legal to buy in chemist over the counter, or you can buy them online, type in the name of your medication, I don't know where you live I live in uk a.l the best


Sorry, I don't know what chemist means. In California, they don't sell this over the counter. I have looked on line, it appears that the legal pharmacies want a prescription from Doctor. I appreciate you responding and wanting to help. Do you know of an online pharmacy that does not need a prescription?


ASK your doctor!

Hello Robsny, This is what I do to control my cost.

Per my request, I had my doctor increase my prescribed doseage to 100mg tablets of Sumatriptan.

I cut and divide the 100mg tablet into 4) 25mg pieces, thereby increasing the number of doses per monthly prescription allowed by insurance (27) to 108.

The effective dosage is 25mg (for me) when I suck on the tablet until the taste becomes unbearable, I make sure that I still swallow some portion of the 25mg.

This technique is somewhat similar to the prescription "Maxalt mlt"

I hope this helps.


U.K. your lucky, I heard or read you didn't need a prescription for the Imitrex or the Sumatriptan.

It would be nice just to walk into a pharmacy (Chemist) and get the migraine abortive.

It would save me and millions of Americans $$$ if we didn't have to see a doctor in order to get the prescription.

I took the Amitriptyline for a while, there was a reason I stopped but it's been so long ago I can't remember why. It may of been stomach problems or it didn't work for me.

Eeek!! Trigeminal neuralgia is considered by medical experts to be one of the most painful conditions known to humankind....


In USA you would call chemist as pharmacy. I am able to get them online from London England. Medicine express .are you on zolmitriptan. Wish I could help more hope you get some med soon


Valelady:. Thanks, I take rizitriptan. Use to take zolmitriptan. It worked great. My insurance no longer covers it. I wish we didn't need a prescription in Calif. Maybe with the new administration prescription drug prices might come down.


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