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Hi all, I will try to keep my post short and concise. I am suffering quite badly at the moment with low mood and intermittent feelings of despair and loneliness. I have worked in mental health for 6 years and it has taken its toll on me and I feel I now need to take action. I am eagerly seeking new jobs working in physical health. I won't go into detail but I have had a gradual realisation that I may be suffering with emotionally unstable personality disorder. I am 38 and piece by piece I am assembling a jigsaw and it is increasingly clear to me - I have not become symptomatic overnight rather it has been a gradual process. I am not a psychiatrist and I am aware that self-diagnosis can be a slippery slope!!! But I have strong suspicions based on my subjective and professional experience. I know self-care is paramount for me at the moment - probably taking some time off work, anti-depressants, sleep etc. I want to talk to someone in confidence and I am thinking about self-funding some psychotherapy - I have had this before on the NHS though I feel this time I need to select a therapist who I feel is right for me and my needs. Has anyone found themselves in a similar position - speculating about their diagnosis? Many thanks for reading, missc x

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I will say that I feel it’s imperative to feel comfortable with your therapist or psychiatrist etc..

I’m fortunate that I’ve been seeing the same Forensic Psychiatrist for the last 21 years.

She not only helped me with a legal problem, thus the forensic part of her practice but she knows me now very well.

I’ve had a really good therapist in the past that got promoted and I see another one that I found after my boyfriend died of brain cancer and we had been together for 13 years.

Right now there is only myself to concentrate on with the exception of my little kitten Tigger.

I don’t say this for you to feel sorry for me

but I have lost everyone in my immediate family and as I said earlier my boyfriend and most recently my Aunt.

I’ve had a lot of drama to keep me from focusing on the work that I feel therapy is all about.

I have several diagnoses with in the realm of mental illness but I never let that define who I am nor what I can do.

Mental Illness is just that, it’s an illness like any other illness that needs to be treated.

I volunteer for my regional branch of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and I’ve been certified to facilitate in 3 different programs.

It’s my way of being able to give back.

I don’t know if any of this has helped.

But I wish you the very best in your journey.😎

Just because you work in Mental Health does not mean you will not suffer Mental Health problems. In fact many I know suffer as well. The Game Keeper is chased by The Game. Tally=Hoo.

I wish you well know when you need too rest, and as soon as possible arrange a holiday so you can rest


Thank you x

Thank you x

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