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Am going through a difficult time right now as too are many other people I understand. I have experienced many suicidal thoughts and they are very strong and inviting when they hit me. I saw a mental health worker and shed some light on the way I feel at the moment. I have no other option but to fight this ugly time and I am adding some additions to my diet in the way of a protein shake or two daily and also some smoothies both fruit ones and veggie ones. I wanted to share as doing these are quick and require the least preparation as apposed to preparing a meal .. I suffer from sporadic appetite . I have had a smoothie maker for ages and got out of the swing of using it. Now I am making changes starting with the fuel for my body which is mighty important as one needs this in order to function on many levels.

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  • I'm sorry you're going through a hard time :( Maybe you could start taking a multivitamin. I'm not sure if they help with depression, but they might and I know they're good for physical health.

  • I'd read somewhere that some vitamins were supposed to help, but I can't remember which ones or where the article was I've read so much over the past year.

    Might be worth looking into, especially if your eating has been sporadic.

  • I know vitamin D3 helps if you have seasonal depression because it substitutes for what you can't get without the sun.

  • Yes, I had heard that.

    I'd also read that there is a debate as to whether we can get enough vitamins and minerals from todays highly farmed foods.

    I do think it makes sense that when your body and mind are so busy trying to workout and resolve everything that happens to you when you have anxiety and depression that it will need extra nutrients to help with that process. Hard to do I know when you don't feel like eating or when you just crave things that you know aren't the best things you should be eating. :-D

  • I have not had cravings for naughty but nice things .. That is why I think I am half dead as I cannot find joy or excitement in anything just now. I used to be so busy filling my day with drawing, paintings, writing my poetry and singing too .. Now they have disappeared into the sunset. Bah ! I used to have goals and aspirations and was practically on the cusp of getting back in to work and now I am nowhere near to where I was .. I need to regain my strength. I think you all can tell I am deeply hurting just now

  • Yes, I can see that you are deeply hurting, but you can get back to where you were before. You know what it feels like, what it looks like. That should be your goal.

    If you want help with setting your goals again send me a message and I'll help you through starting that process again. :-D I'm always better at helping people with their goals than I am at my own, so I'd happily give you some help.

    Take care.


  • Many thanks for the offer of the help 20Voices I have helped others before better then myself in the past. Strange that isn't it ? I guess it cos we can see others capabilities when we cannot see our own. And also we see their problems from a bird's eye view rather than being stuck in the middle of them.

  • Going back to food, I believe we can get enough nutrients because everything can be organic. Then again only people with money can afford to buy such stuff. Actually when we get depressed our metabolism slows down so it might not be a good idea to eat more. On the other hand, I'm not sure how anxiety affects digestive systems.

  • Iluvhorses Yes organic is expensive. It stays on the shelf for me too.

    Then other week I did over eat and I piled the weight on. I ate chippy meals day after day ... Chips, rice and curry and I sometimes had veg spring rolls, fries rice and chips, or mushroom fried rice and chips, and veggie chow mein even and chips. The mad thing was that it became a habit but you know what I piled the weight on .. Oh my word I could not seem to stop visiting the chippy. I felt the weight sabotage my body yet I did not care. Of course now my eating habits have changed yet again and I feel the weight loss which I am pleased about. Am 5'7 and a size 10 and I could feel my clothes tighten. It was so uncomfortable. What we put in our bodies really does matter.

  • I applaud you for realizing your problem and for taking steps to improve yourself. I think you should start eating organic/all natural food if you can. That way you can be rid of chemicals, pesticides, and many other things that don't belong in your body. Plus natural stuff is better for the environment like when you throw fruit skin in the trash. You don't want to put who knows what into the ocean. It's expensive, but worth the price as your health is more important than money. I'm not saying you're doing this, but when a person is depressed they tend to rely on good for comfort so please eat in healthy proportions. Healthy snacks are okay however. After all, nothing will cheer you up more than a nice serving of fresh fruits and/or vegetables :)

  • I can answer that as i have had digestive problems for a while Esphiligitis which is esophagus spasms where your throat feels like it closing, and when my anxiety is super high it really flares up. Have to watch what i eat.

  • Same herebhelping others takes my mind off my depression ☺

  • Hello, that's why we are all here. We are here fir each other☺ i know it is so hard to find interest in things when we have depression and anxiety but, i find each day i try to hang around positive people that make you smile and laugh and feel good about yourself it does help. Good luck to you wish you happiness ☺

  • Thank you all for your comments. You have all been a life saver to me and will continue to be. I had noone when I joined the site and now I have friendly voices calling back at me. I call tell you all how I feel and not feel bad as you know what it is like. Like in said in a previous post I will have bad days still. They will not disappear overnight but hey we are all here to support one another and this is fabulous. You are all my online family. Thank you all again and just for today I will uplift myself a lil higher. X

  • Well done you Satsuma and thanks for sharing. Yes many people underestimate how eating the wrong things can worsen our mood and how eating the right things can improve it. Smoothies are a good idea as they have natural sugar rather than processed food . As well like you say you can make vegetable smoothies just by blending loads of vegetables together. Also try and include some oily fish (like sardines ) in your diet or take omega fish oils as a supplement. I find bananas in particular very good for helping me sleep. It is the magnesium in them.

  • Sorry you are having a tough time, but I love that you are still going and still fighting.

    Great about the smoothies. I found them really useful when I had days where I didn't feel hungry.

    I now have different frozen fruits and vegetables in my freezer to use when I have forgotten to eat or am not in the mood to cook. By using frozen fruits you don't have to remember to keep ice in the freezer. :-D I also add protein powder to my smoothie. Best thing is you can make them to suit your own taste. I found that on some of my low days my tastes would change.

    I also make batches of soup and frozen meals, which I keep in the freezer to help with those days I don't want to cook. :-D

    Definitely important to fuel your body with food and water to help you get through those bad days.

    Take care of yourself and I hope you find a way to control if not stop the bad thoughts.


  • 20Voices i love homemade soups mmmm

  • I shall be getting some veg today and making some I think for this evenings meal. Ha check me out I never do an evening meal but I am trying to incorporate one slowly

  • Thank you everyone. I understand the importance of vitamins. I am a vegetarian so fish oils are out i am afraid. I can do protein powder. I am fighting this gruel time. I do not know how long I will be able to keep it up for but just for today I did it.

  • Hi there I have recently started on Jessica sepels eating suggestions. She has recently put a book out with healthy light foods. Some being "nice" cream. Which is putting a chopped frozen banana in your blender with some protein powder, cashew nuts berries Acia seeds and coconut water. Blend and either serve as a drink or if less coconut water is added it's like ice cream hence the name "nice" cream. If I serve it as a dessert (thick) I put some chopped up fruit on top. Very. Yummy wishing you well

  • denvajade Oh right thanks ooohhh I will try that. Thankyou. Sounds delish. I like coconut and cashews and I never thought of freezing bananas .. Wow I am learning something everyday.

  • Sorry to hear you're going through a bad spell. but you are doing well to concentrate on diet and staying physically healthy. You need your body in as good a shape as possible when fighting depression and negative thoughts.

    I suspect that even the most stable and outwardly healthy individuals occasionally have negative thoughts so don't beat yourself up too much about this .As I've posted before sometimes our minds seem to love torturing us with negative thoughts but remember common sense and that they are just thoughts. If everyone's thoughts were visible it would be a triple X rated movie.

    You seem to have a lot of common sense, more than enough I would have thought, to make sure these stay just thoughts.

    There must be a fortune waiting for any one who can explain exactly why these unpleasant thoughts come into our heads when they are most unwelcome.


  • Olderal Yes I recognise the importance of the thoughts just staying in my head. If I acted on them I would be in a mess even more then what I am now. Are these thoughts a test I often wonder ? I know right from wrong and sometimes I do want to go down the wrong road but then I think of the consequences. This road I am on is not exactly right for me either. Heck am in between a rock and a hard place I think

  • Olderal i have always had a battle with my thoughts. I have always questioned do I, don't I, should I, shouldn't i , could I, couldn't I, oughtn't I, and of course the classic what if .. I have often put myself second to many people aswell to my own detriment. Now I ride solo and have a furry best friend .. Hard it is but probably the best for now .. As we r social creatures i often find myself needing to want other human company but I reckon am being selfish with the want. So now I think it will happen if it meant to and I certainly am not looking for it.

  • I have always put myself second as well and i think by doing that over years that maybe thats why i have a self confidence problem as well. My best friend is my dog. He has seen me through a rough time after the loss of my husband back in October 2015 im still going through it and he is still here for me.

  • Yes self confidence Stinkbug05 takes a huge knock as I have also found out. I aim to build myself up on all levels and today will be a good day for input. Yesterday has gone, today is of importance and tomorrow has not yet arrived.

  • Stinkbug05 Dogs are fabulous for pulling us through. They are with out a doubt best friend to man. They provide so much more than any human needed for survival.

  • You've obviously realised your problem and admitted you need help,keep going ,I admire your determination.That's my problem I have a poor diet and I need to get motivated.Stay strong.

  • Nicky-Richards Yes admittance to your problem helps considerably and willingness to change it. Motivation to do things is hard especially when one lives alone. I have been clawing at the concrete at the bottom and I realise the only way is up and only I can make changes. It is extremely difficult though. It is not easy. Determination is the key to success. Well I think it is.

  • We're here for you.

  • Thankyou Nicky-Richards I appreciate that. I am gonna have bad days. This is an uphill battle but I am giving it another go.

  • You're very welcome

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