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Constant battle in my head

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Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum and just wanted some advice and support really. So here it goes...

I’m 26 with severe asthma. I’ve always dealt with this well and been a happy and confident individual who managed stress well and always looking out for others.

However this All changed a couple of years ago. I started to feel like I wasn’t good enough, doubting myself and every decision I made, feeling guilty over things that I really shouldn’t, Hating the way I look and feel, getting tearful or upset over little things, over thinking to the max and becoming more down. I’ve lost the motivation to do things I really enjoyed before.

I have a happy life, a fiancé I can’t wait to marry, a good job and a loving family but still I feel rubbish about myself.

I have been shielding since March because of my asthma which has made this even worse as I feel I have no friends now as I haven’t seen them in so long (I know this isn’t true but again the constant battle in my head telling me otherwise)

I feel like I’m not worthy of the life I have and will have it all taken away from me.

I used to be such a bubbly person, always having a laugh and supporting others, I just want to find myself again and be happy.

I really don’t want to be on medication for it as I take a lot for my asthma and feel the gp will just say this is the option. I have tried going for walks daily, exercising, eating better and taking vitamins ect

Has anyone felt the same and have any ways of getting through this?xxx

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Hi Wheezy26 !!

Sorry about your asthma, I've had that for many years and am luckily over it since I stopped Smoking years ago.

We all feel the same stresses you described so well. The best way to deal with it is the Very Thing you are doing - talking to people who have the same experiences as you!!! You will be amazed how helpful it is to know that you are way not alone and there are countless people who are experiencing the very same things!!

Glad you're here,




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Wheezy26 in reply to Catman22

Hi Catman22,

Thank you so much, it is helpful to know there is support out there and others going through the same thing as sometimes it can be a lonely way to feel even if your not... it’s just been awful this year in terms of making everyone feel rubbish and dealing with stuff!

Hope your ok, I’m glad I’ve come on here aswell, thank you xx

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Catman22 in reply to Wheezy26


I just had a minor war with American Customer non-service. How it works is you actually have to pretend that they are not blanking with you when you know that they are...

If you don't then they do it even Worse..

Welcome America -

I'll bet you didn't know that Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Lincoln both suffered from lifelong major depression.

How and that ?? You are not Alone..



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Hi Wheezy,

Like you I have been avoiding medication. Your efforts with exercise, diet, supplements, etc. sounds like a great start! There are some supplements that are supposed to help depression, St. John’s wort comes to mind although it didn’t do the trick for me.

Have you done any therapy? Thinking negatively about yourself may not improve until you take steps to change your self talk and learn how to dismiss the negative thoughts. A therapist can help with that but ultimately it does take work.

I have bad thoughts about myself occasionally, when I feel that the best word to describe me is “garbage.” The cause is low self esteem, and the solution is to change the way I think about myself.

Every one has a different set of problems, of course, but I recommend striving not to let negative feelings rule your life. They are just “feelings” after all, and like you said, they probably don’t reflect reality!

I check HU several times a day so, I’ll be around if you want to talk! All the best.

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Wheezy26 in reply to Hidden

Hello, thank you so much, sorry I haven’t been on in a while was trying to keep my head right and keep busy with cleaning, walking ect

Yes it’s awful I really don’t want to go on medication but would definitely try some supplements so I will get that and try it thank you!

Therapy isn’t something that I have tried yet but would be something I am interested in trying.

It’s strange because some days I wake up and feel like I’m ok and manage my day but other times I wake up and just don’t want to get up, have no motivation, overthink everything and then start feeling shit about myself...

Thank you so much I really appreciate it and it is lovely to see such nice and supportive people on here that want to help others xxx

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