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Why does my sister degrade me?

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My sisters 24 and I’m 17 she always had a nasty attitude growing up and I was always the nice laid back one she’s loud and opinionated and really rude she always has made me feel like dirt my whole life. My sister has done so much for me to question her love for me. I swear she hates me on the inside. We started hanging out and getting close in 2017-2018. Once before, I asked my boyfriend to hold my bag and she got pissed off about it and cussed me out in front of him because “a mans not supposed to hold a woman’s bag”. She always tries to put me down or embarrass me in front of people. She’s a very toxic person and she picks fights with me over the littlest of things. As of now looking back at everything she never had my best interest or really cared for my feelings. She always asks me questions, asks me for favors, and opinions. What do I do? Give it to her the minute I ask a question, or for a SIMPLE favor she snaps or doesn’t wanna do it. I remember her telling me I would’ve probably ended up pregnant just like a lot of girls my age if my mother didn’t put me on birth control. To make a long story short she’s ALWAYS doing this hurting my feelings. I can’t deal with it I’m at my breaking point to where I cry everyday. I don’t understand why she’s doing this? I’ve always been a great sister

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Hello, My sister sounds similar to yours (But not quite as bad I must say.)

I think she may be jealous of you (Perhaps because you sound more 'Chilled out' than she is.) She also sounds like she likes to be in charge and enjoys putting you down? As you grow older you will realise that Perhaps she treats you like this because you let her?

Stand your ground and start sticking up for yourself please. You deserve more than this!

It may cause an argument or she may stop talking to you. But do you know she needs to respect you as a person (not feel as though she can control you and be little you.)

Look after YOURSELF and stop her from hurting you, your worth more than that Anonymouslyme x

Thank you very much

Hello and welcome to you, as I can see you are also on another community. So you are very welcome to this caring and supportive community. Roastdinner has already responded to you with very sound advice. Yes, as we grow older we realise what the ciber bullies and people like your sister are - very insecure persons who are jealous of your good nature.

Try not to be upset by it, grow stronger and stand up for yourself as then you will gain respect and respect yourself too.

Good luck and keep sharing with us.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

Thank you so much

Sibling Rivalry.

I have two younger Sisters and life was hell with them, I am tens years older and twelve years old of the other, so the situations between us was and still is very stressful. In fact my Mother died two months ago and we basically kept away from each other. It is a lot worse than that so will not bore you.

Your Sister is older than you and sad to say She will have an attitude because of this. You could ask a family member to talk to Her if needed, however you will need to sort it between yourselves. Hopefully given time as you get older you will hopefully become closer.

You mention Boyfriends, does your Sister have a boyfriend as well ?, or is it something to do about envy. Also you discuss birth control, you are very young to have been placed on that pathway, you must have been sixteen when prescribed. What is happening regards Sister she is an Adult and could be looking at you in an envious way.


Yes she has a boyfriend off and on and thank you very much

At 17 you shouldn't have to be bullied by a sister who should know better. She sounds like a toxic person who needs to be put in her place. I'm sure she has problems of her own ,but that doesn't give her the right to torture you. Where are your parents and why do they allow this to go on? Do you have other people to hang out with ? I would avoid her as much as possible. She has only one life to control and that is her own. You can take care of yours quite nicely. Pam

Thank you very much my dads always working and my mother had a stroke on both sides of her brain so she’s on bed rest and I used to not have anyone to hang out with till I started getting back in contact with my middle school bestfriend we have different dads same mom

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