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Messing with my head


You would think with all the chaos in the world, family squabbles would be set aside but nope not in my family. I am on the outside of a fight between my mum and my sister who have been living together whilst my sisters new house was renovated. I always knew they shouldn’t be living together as they don’t play well with each in close quarters and finally today it reached a head and now they have fallen out and mum want sis out of the house and my sisters house isn’t quite fit for purpose for her and her 2 kids and I’m being pulled in 2 directions when really I want to run away in a 3rd direction. The anxiety they cause me is indescribable and causes both mental and physical pain. I want to support the both but I also want to tell them to leave me alone as I can’t deal with their issues along with my own but then I feel guilty for thinking about myself over everyone else and feel selfish. The internal conflict and struggle is crippling me

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Same with my lot, I have given up the ghost many decades ago.

Let them get on with it, you will get drawn in and the both of them will be blaming you in some unrelated way.


You’re not wrong there! It’s not like I don’t care, I do. Too much it seems but they just drag me down.


At this time and in Life in general we can all do without those who are toxic. We have enough on our plate and if these are best to simmer in their own problems and concerns.

Live your Life let her understand in many different ways you are there for her as long as she behaves and understand you have your life to lead. You are not at Her beck and call.

There is no need for unpleasant attitudes towards you


Thanks BOB. I really appreciate you’re responses. I feel like I am being selfish for wanting to look after me and my well-being but you’re right. If there is any time to put my own needs first, it’s now.

It is not being in any way selfish considering your needs that is normal and most times expected. Try not to be overwhelmed by other peoples problems. We need to be able to protect our own needs and expectations in life, Yes we can listen and give support, however it is important to know when number one needs help and understanding. A bad attitude is just that and it can be then when people have the

right to pull away and consider their own need. Bad manners is a real no, no


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