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GP randomly stopped my medication due to my timidness (I'm very worried) I feel like I'm being bullied...

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A new Dr of mine has been quite rude and, said I'm an addict, and that is why I was on Diazepam. Even though I did try to explain to her, I was given diazepam (5mg) by a specialist at a hospital as I was having panic attacks after my panic attacks had stopped I explained to my old GP it also has had a positive impact on muscle spasms and cramps, and he was quite happy about that, as we were trying a lot of different medications to stop the muscle spasms and cramps due to having Ulcerative Colitis.

However, this new GP has said to my face and written in my notes that I was taking 2mg of diazepam to be eventually taken off it (stopped) which isn't true and she seemed to lack the understanding that it helped me my muscle spasms and cramps, I used to take 3 to 6 tablets of 2mg a day and it helped worked wonders.

But apparently, she thinks I'm a healthy young adult who just needs to get a job and/or do exercise and don't need this medication, I am quite a timid person and I feel she's taken advantage of that and has said some quite strange things at times, such as: "oh your just taken them to relax at home with them and not get a job, you're using diazepam and co-codomal to sit at home" I had a very successful business selling silver and gold jewellery, which my previous GP knew about, but due to my young age of being in my mid-30s she thinks, I need to exercise, and she is also planning on stopping my pain killers too.

In any case, to cut the long story short, today after about a week and a half she stopped my diazepam, not only am I getting really bad and painful cramps and muscle spasms, yesterday I ended up having two seizures, luckily my wife spotted it.

So I've had to get an ambulance to the hospital, and they've put me back on 5mg reluctantly of Diazepam, and they observed me and I've not had another fit/seizure since, and also they've put me on 75mg of Pregabalin, and again she's been rude to my wife and threatened to stop it again, saying "basically, in a roundabout way that I am lying" and that and if or not I am abusive toward my wife, which shocked my wife that she even asked this question, and tried to insult her saying she can get help and support, my wife has said she's going to get a piece of mind when we see her in the morning, and I've been stressing about all this, that my wife is going to argue with her and she's going to end up stopping my painkillers and take the medication off us.

It's the closest GP and now I am worried that since she's written I need to do work etc, and I'm taking diazepam for fun essentially.

So my wife's had my old GPs WhatsApp and he has told us not to worry about it, that she's only there temporarily and he will sort everything out for us.

I can't believe why she's been so rude and evil and basically feels like she's a bully and has some kind of issue with men, or she is confusing me for someone else on a personal level.

She has also been asking questions like, why I stopped my business which I told her it was due to Ulcerative Colitis as it's very competitive and the stress from that can cause a flare-up and she kind of was dismissive of that too, saying: "Everyone my age as a young healthy adult who does not want to work makes an excuse" and that: "I just want to sit at home and relax on using my medication" and that: "maybe I need to get back to that again" I just don't get her attitude problem, she seems to think "maybe I'm exaggerating how successfully I was" and that: "men tend to do that." she's said all this in like a jokingly and casual way, not to seem like she was saying it to me directly than when she stopped my medication my wife was like no wonder she was joking like that with me.

She really doesn't know how hard I used to work, and how successful I really was, my previous GP knows about my personal life and history, and how my Ulcerative Colitis has caused me to lose a lot of wealth.

I just think she assumes I'm making things up I suppose.

Sorry about the long post.

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Hi, I can understand her behaviour was wrong with you. Of course she didn't understand you. Don't worry about her negative attitude. Some people are rude but we don't have to worry about them. You just take care of yourself. You are right, you felt bullied and it's because of her negative behavior towards you. If I were you, I feel the same thing. Don't think about her too much. She doesn't deserve it. We are all human and as humans we all make mistakes. Doctors are human too. But yes her behaviour was not right. I agree with you. You are very lucky, your old GP understand you. Talk to him and tell him how you feel. You can consult a therapist, if you want to. Don't worry about the medicine. Your old GP will take care of it. You're a very brave person who fights with his health issues. Just relax your mind and try to think happy thoughts. Do you have friends or a family member who you can trust and talk to? You can watch a comedy show or movie. Talk to your wife about nice things. Tell some jokes. Drink a cup of green tea. It will relax your mind and muscles. Read a good book of your choice. Watch comedy videos on YouTube. Don't think you yourself alone. We all are with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏😊

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Reading your story upset me. I work in the medical field and I am so angry you were treated like this.

You had seizures because the md was negligent in tapering you off a medication.

I hope your wife goes at her. I certainly would. Advocating for yourself is key here. I would be a little aggressive with this MD.

Do I understand correctly that she is just filling in? Your other MD will be back? If that's the case I would tell her you will discuss your work history with your primary Dr when he returns. Let her know it's not up for discussion right now.

I would come right out and say. I'm concerned I had a seizure because you took my meds away without proper weaning.

I wish you the best of luck. This never should have happened to you.


This medication has a long history and it is very addictive,, Your GP knows that and is hoping if She can bring you off the drug you will feel better for it

I take Opiates, been on them now for thirty odd years, my GP is looking for alternatives, they have found my body is unable to produce B12 and has also problems with vit D3. She has now put me B12 injections every twelve weeks and D3 tablets twice a day they have started to help My Arthritis and reduced pain and restoring various joints and tendons. So I am happy to reduce my pain medications, we started to reduce pain medications about two months ago, it is hard work, although she is happy to push forward as am I .

You are still young ?, you need to consider the damage you are doing for your body and any expectations you had in the past, also in the future. I understand the Hospital has advised various medications to help you. If you feel the GP is out of order does the Surgery have other named Doctors in Practice, if not the only way forward will be to apply to another Practice and attend there. There would be a medical examination, a cursory one and a discussion of your needs. You need to be comfortable in the practice you attend.

It is a problem to suggest how to move you on from here, I do not know, if your Anxiety is affecting life choices and expectations. You need to be able to function, this seems not to be happening.

We are here to Help, I understand your old GP will return, when will this happen ?


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That gp needs a talking to by her superiors.Thats a crock of crap n really pissed me off reading this because I've had this similar treatment by many gps.These docs need to be put in there place.Just because ur young n don't look like the hunchback of Notre dam ,doesn't mean ur fine.i get this all the time,still.

I would seriously talk with ur wife n get with ur old gp n how u can get back with them asap.ur new gp is saying stuff that could be very harmful to ur health.

Stand up for ur rights n u know ur body n health.

Sorry ur dealing with this.

Unfortunately there is always one bad apple in a bunch.


I have a similar problem.with my Dr. She interrupts me talking, finishes my sentance's & sometimes is just plain rude. You don't live in the West End of Glasgow do you?

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I work in the NHS and this is absolutely barbaric. This is medical negligence. A GP cannot take you off a medication that you have been taking daily when the withdrawals can result in seizures which it has done. You have had a seizure because of the medical negligence of the GP. This needs reporting and a complaint needs to be filed. How long have you been on this medication? Have you checked the NICE guidelines? A taper plan should have been put in place for you if you have become physically dependant on them after taking them for a period of time albeit for a medical condition.

What would have happened if you had perm at damage from that seizure? It’s medical negligence.

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You need to complain. Maybe wait until you aren't having to deal with her anymore, because if you complain about a GP you are still going to, that could be awkward.

If you see her again, what I would personally do, is consider audio recording the appointments for evidence. You can use a phone to do it.

But certainly complain that you were harmed by your doctor's actions in taking you off a medication.


Thank you guys for the replies, my GP who owns multiple practices said she was just sitting in as we didn't have any Asian/Indian female doctors, he said I can't believe why she has put so many red notes on my profile, and not to mention suggested that I was a hypochondriac - he sat me down and changed/revised the notes and has reported her and also sacked her from his own practices.

My GP has said, she has a point about the Diazepam, but the risks for you and many other patients are so low it makes no sense to stop it when it clearly helps, otherwise, he has to look at powerful opiate-based painkillers.

So my GP has put me back on 2mg of Diazepam, my UC medication and increased my Pregabalin to 600mg a day i.e. 200mg 3 times a day, he actually brought in another GP to also go over it, as a 2nd opinion and he suggested as opposed to taking the Diazepam every day, I can instead use it as and when needed.

He was also surprised, at her actions and notes, and suggested I should have spoken up, she has no clue about Ulcerative Colitis, he also said he agreed with 600mg a day and see how I tolerate it, and I've been really good with it, I've been more social and less secluded away and it as also lowered my timidness I am more outspoken now, and friendly too.

The old GP she nearly destroyed my life, I can't believe because of her, I thought about committing suicide, something which in the past I never thought of, and haven't since she just put me in such a harsh situation her GP licence needs to be stripped from her, she isn't fit to be a GP she's just a GP only to make money and just sees it as a stable job, the other GP joked and said seems like she sits around and all day and passes her time.

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Good that it worked out for you.

Yep, doctors can certainly stress you.


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