I am so angry! I occasionally sell some clothes on ebay. 2 months ago when I was feeling very down I placed a few items on it to sell. Most things sold, not a fortune but at least I got some money. 1 bidder paid £1.04 for a top and told me she wanted it immediately!!! Unfortunately I sent her the wrong top. My head was very muddled and I usually sort it out at the weekend, but she wanted it NOW. So by mistake she got the wrong top.

The name calling and hysteria from her was unbearable. On the Sunday - Monday I had a 19 hour powercut she accused me of deliberately ignoring her emails. I am a nice person and would not deliberately hurt anyone. The upshot was that she has called me very rude even though I refunded her the 'huge' sum!

I had put all that behind me but having sold more clothes she has left a very nasty comment about me on ebay. I just want to yell at her. When you are really depressed even the easiest of tasks can seem overwhelming I just want her to realise this. This has made me feel hopeless.

Another thing I heard last night that someone I know was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. Sad, shocking and awful yes but all I can think is at last she will know what suffering feels like (just after I said I was a nice person!) When we first met she stated she had no time for depressed people! (She's a vicar!)

Sorry about this moaning blog I just needed to let off steam.


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  • Hi

    Sorry you feel angry. Try not to let the belayer bother you....easy for me to say I know....but that's the problem in this life people don't realise what others can be going through and quite often don't care.

    At least here on the forum we have understanding friends hey :)

    Sue x

    If it were me I

  • Oops belayer what's that hahah blummin auto correct, I meant ebayer

  • Thanks for your reply. Been for a dog walk I feel better now. Oh suppose I know what really happened with the top and I don't need a stupid person to try and read my mind. \Dog is now begging me for food so thanks again x

  • Gosh, I'm not sure it's fair to wish a tough time on someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer. You might want to consider rethinking that one. I can imagine you felt really let down by the vicar not understanding your depression. Unfortunately, due to the fact the symptoms of depression are not visible to the untrained eye, even the kindest, most caring people in this world can struggle to appreciate how nasty an illness it can be.

    As for your eBay difficulties, I too have suffered nasty comments from impatient buyers. A little tip - next time you list an item, make explicit your timescales for handling payments and postage. That way, if a buyer posts negative feedback unfairly, you can ask eBay to remove it.

    You might want to have a look at sites such as Gumtree. Buyers are responsibl for collecting items that they buy, which eliminates the need for brown paper and trips to the post office!

  • Sorry, I didn't mean for the blog to come across as me wanting her to suffer more, that's not what I intended at all. It is that for 10 years I've had to put up with her telling me to pull myself together and sort my life out. If it were that easy...

  • Hi

    Sorry things have been tough for you - I know exactly what you mean about some e-bayers - some people are just unreasonable so leave them with their problems, if they can't be polite and human then they certainly have them!

    I understand exactly how you feel about the person with cancer. It's ironic that she's been telling you to pull her life together but clearly her life hasn't been good for her! It's sad that she has cancer, but evidence is that it's better for you to feel your emotions than to bottle them up as that tends to result in all sorts of health problems including cancer. Feelings are going to come out one way or another, whether in the form of emotions or as ill health. It's ironic that she is a vicar, perhaps she needed the religion to depend upon because it was safer than feeling emotional and compassionate towards other people. I feel sad for her.

    Try not to let things get you down, especially things people say - the old adage - you can't please all of the people all of the time - is so true!

    Take care,


  • Hi Trachet, forget totally about that screaming ebayer. I cannot understand people like this, she might have her own problems, as most people are ok, but you get the odd oddball.

    It is hard when people are not sympathetic, I would expect a Vicar to be empathic and sympathetic, I thought you would not do a good job unless you had these traits. Try and let all resentments go and see them as leaves floating down a stream. Otherwise you will always be mad with someone. I am glad you are going out with your dog, getting out helps and maybe try to release all anger and stuff. Could you get a massage, its great for relaxation. Take care of yourself please, your friends are here, so dont feel alone.

    Happy Easter,


  • Thanks for your thoughts. I love the leaves image that is brilliant. I know it takes all sorts to make the world go round. The trouble is I'm too arty and easily upset. The good news is that I usually end up having more respect from colleagues & friends but I go through trauma getting there. It is nice that people on here are empathetic and make me feel normal(ish)!

    Happy Easter


  • go ahead, we all can relate to what your going through,, she herself maybe near to a breakdown hereself so what goes around goes around. I know I went very highper, just before. everything had to be done yesterday.!!!!now now now!!

    you can reply, keeping calm, and say youve been suffering depression, so sorry she feels like that, say you offered a full refund,, lol lol,, Anyone genuine, wouldnt give a fk,,,,and would understand,, I went to sell a car on ebay, the bloke won, and keeped saying he was going to come this time, and then not bothering to let me know he wasnt coming. Then when he finally arrived in the freezing pooring rain, drove the car, sped off, saying he wasnt interested,,, fine,, just before christmas could have done with the money,,, and left me bad feed back saying the car was bad, ect ect,, but what i found , was he did this to many people, his positive feedback was shit,, people didnthave option,, of leaving negative feedback but left feedback saying hes a tosser, ect and does this all the time.

    What Im trying to say,,, is,,, I keep saying to myself,, Many people make a world, which means,,,

    There as loads of tssers,, lots of bullies, lots of anal passagers, sweet darling caring people like you and me,, (who usually suffer depression, because we have the feeling capacity to do so) Others dont because they dont have the feeling capacity, in there whole body,,,

    ass lickers, who like to lick upto the boss, and anyone else they are trying to manipulate..

    Who would want to be with these people except us anyway!!!

    you will have better days,,,much better days.


  • Hi Thanks for your reply. Wouldn't it be nice to put all those pin in the arses in their own little world! They can then moan and scam each other. Oh well at least we can sleep at night knowing we are nice caring people! Take care x

  • Hi I agree with the remarks about EBay. My sister does quite a bit of wheeling and dealing on it and she puts everything in her remarks including timescale for sending goods. She said she has learned from experience to put absolutely everything about the item even if it is in original box and has a very slight crease or tear in it. She has had her run ins with some stupid people too....

    Bev x